Grand Challenges India Meeting 2017

21st, Mar 2017

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Achieving Healthy Growth through Agriculture and Nutrition

Malnourishment in children, particularly undernourishment, manifests as low birth weight, early stunting and wasting among infants and children below the age of two years. World Health Organization statistics showed that India had the largest number of st

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Reinvent the Toilet Challenge

Hygiene and sanitation play a fundamental but often ignored role in development, especially in India. Sanitation and hygiene have a direct impact on health. Both water-borne and vector-borne infections are of concern here, with both having long-term impac

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All Children Thriving

Recent World Health Organization (WHO) estimates show that there were 5.9 million deaths among children below five years of age in 20152.

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Knowledge Integration and Translational Platform (KnIT)

A unique platform which will work by collecting and analyzing currently available evidence, identifying gaps in our knowledge and directing research to these areas, and will work to improve our understanding of current or new interventions or packages of

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