Projects Supported by BIRAC under BIPP
S.No.Applicant NameProposal TitleCityState
1 AP Organics PVT LTD Project on Value Addition including Potential neutraceuticals from derivatives of Rice District-Sangrur PUNJAB
2 Panacea Biotec Limited Development of Novel Peptide Based Topical Gel for the Treatment of Alopecia New Delhi DELHI
4 PRIVI BIOTECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD Pilot Scale Translational Facility for Value Added Chemicals from Biomass Navi Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
5 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited A Strategy for the Development of Alternative Treatments for Heart failure Complicated with Diabetes Mellitus Gandhinaga GUJARAT
6 Avesthagen Limited Development of self-glucogenic Pearl Millet adapted for marginal lands Bangalore KARNATAKA
7 Biocon Limited A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Control Study of IN-105 tablets [oral insulin] in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus who have inadequate Glycemic Control on Optimal doses of Extended Release Metformin Tablets Bangalore KARNATAKA
9 Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Limited Development of a Cost Effective Prophylactic and Therapeutic Recombinant Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Pune MAHARASHTRA
10 Bharat Biotech International Limited Phase III Testing and Evaluation of safety and Efficacy of oral Rotavirus Vaccine Candidate 116E HYDERABAD TELANGANA
12 TCG Life Sciences Limited Process for Asymmetric Synthesis of Hexahydrobenzophenanthrenes, Dopamine D1 Agonists Kolkata WEST BENGAL
13 Richcore Lifesciences Private Limited Enhancement of Ethanol Yield from Molasses Fermentation by adding a specific enzyme to convert an unfermentable sugar to a fermentable sugar Bangalore KARNATAKA
14 Biological E Limited A Multicentric, Parallel Randomised ....Intercell – An Non-Inferiority Study HYDERABAD TELANGANA
15 Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited Stress tolerant rice and wheat Jalna MAHARASHTRA
16 Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Limited State of art cGMP production facility meeting regulatory requirement for production of recombinant Bio-therapeutics Pune MAHARASHTRA
17 Intas Biopharmaceuticals Limited Creation of a state of art integrated facility for high end structural and functional characterization of protein therapeutics and peptides Ahmedabad GUJARAT
18 Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited Transformational Technology Platform Development for Biological Hydrogen Hyderabad TELANGANA
19 Span Diagnostics Limited Establishment of Bioprocess Facility for large-scale production of Microbial antigens and Monoclonal antibodies under the conditions Compliant with cGMP Surat GUJARAT
21 NovaLead Pharma Private Limited (VLife Sciences Technologies Private Limited) “To determine the safety, effective dose and frequency of application of Galnobax TM in 50 subjects during Phase 1 trial in the subjects suffering from diabetic foot ulcers” Pune MAHARASHTRA
22 Amrita Therapeutics Limited Identification and development of promiscuous anticancer compounds from microorganism Ahmedabad GUJARAT
23 Bigtec Private Limited Assay validation enabling infectious disease detection at point-of-care using bigtec’s handheld microPCR Bangalore KARNATAKA
24 Thermax Limited Development of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) for Waste to Energy Solutions Pune MAHARASHTRA
25 Frontier Lifeline Private Limited Porcine Pulmonary Xenograft as a Versatile Conduit in Cardiovascular Surgery Chennai TAMIL NADU
26 India Glycols Limited Setting up a 10 ton Lignocellulosic biomass/day processing plant to produce about 3000 Litre ethanol/day . Kashipur UTTARANCHAL
27 Bharat Serum Vaccine Limited Process Development and scale up of a ...similar therapeutic peptide based implant with anti cancer properties and development ... formulations incorporating therapeutic peptides/ recombinant proteins. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
28 Wockhardt Limited Development of animal component free biosimilar recombinant protein therapeutics using mammalian platform technology. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
29 Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Development of process know how for butanol production from lignocellulosic biomass Greater Noida UTTAR PRADESH
30 Metahelix Life Sciences Private Limited A proposal for funding of deregulation trials of transgenic rice events expressing Metahelix synthetic Cry1C, Cry1Ac and Cry1Ab genes for tolerance to rice yellow stem borer, Scirpophaga incertulas Bangalore KARNATAKA
31 Bejo Sheetal Seeds Private Limited Development of ‘Herbicide & Stress tolerant’ transgenic Onion Jalna MAHARASHTRA
32 Panacea Biotec Limited Development of a H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccineA New Delhi DELHI
33 Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited Clinical Development of Influenza Vaccines Ahmedabad GUJARAT
34 Serum Institute Of India Limited Design and evaluation of novel immunogens and monoclonal antibodies against pandemic H1N1 Pune MAHARASHTRA
35 Maharastra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited Development of Sucking Insect Pest tolerant rice and cotton Jalna MAHARASHTRA
36 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited Clinical development of TRC150094, a novel Diiodothyronine (T2) analogue, for the treatment of cardiovascular (CV) risk factors defined by Metabolic Syndrome (MS). Gandhinaga GUJARAT
37 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited “Safety and efficacy of TRC150094 in treatment of cardio-metabolic risk in overweight/obese diabetic and pre-diabetc subjects with dyslipidemia – Phase II trials” Gandhinaga GUJARAT
38 Advanta India Limited Multi-stacking genes to develop engineered rice; with enhanced drought and multiple diseases & pests tolerance SECUNDERABAD TELANGANA
39 Stempeutics Research Private Limited A Randomized, Double Blind, Multicentric, Placebo Controlled, Phase–II Study Assessing The Safety And Efficacy Of Intraarterial (Hepatic) Ex-Vivo Cultured Adult Allogenic Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis. Bangalore KARNATAKA
40 Tata Chemicals Limited Inorganic and polymer nano-composites for micronutrient & pesticide delivery: Boosting crop health and yield. Pune MAHARASHTRA
41 PERFINT HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED Solution for planning, execution and confirmation of targeted tumor ablation therapy. Chennai TAMIL NADU
42 Sri Biotech Laboratories Pvt Ltd Control of Shoot and Fruit Borer Insect Pest (Leucinodes orbonalis Guenée) in Brinjal Through RNA interference Hyderabad TELANGANA
43 SPC Biotech Private Limited Bioconversion of Agricultural waste from Mango Kernel, Tamarind Seeds & Cash Mango waste to Polylactic Acid a Bio-Plastic. HYDERABAD TELANGANA
44 LIFECARE INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD Production of poly (lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles ( PLG-NP )and poly (lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles encapsulating antitubercular drugs (rifampicin, isoniazid and pyrazinamide- PLG-NP-ATDs) in GMP facilities Gurgaon HARYANA
45 Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Private Limited To conduct confined field trials and biosafety studies on genetically engineered Brassica juncea ( Male sterility and restorer lines as pollination control mechanism) for heterosis breeding and yield improvement NOIDA UTTAR PRADESH
46 Metahelix Life Sciences Private Limited “Deregulation Trials Phase I of Transgenic Maize Events Expressing Metahelix Synthetic Cry1C, Cry1Ac and Cry1Ab Genes for Tolerance to Stem and Cob Borers” Bangalore KARNATAKA
47 Sphaera Pharma Research AND Development Pvt. Ltd Novel combination therapy for treatment of resistant and non responsive cancers Manesar HARYANA
48 Ravindranath G E Medical Associates Pvt.Ltd Functional evaluation of autologous cell based therapy in cardiovascular diseases - Molecular Imaging [An innovative non-invasive technology] Hyderabad TELANGANA
49 Nirmal seeds Pvt Ltd Development of nutritionally improved mustard (Brassica juncea) varieties/hybrids having low erucic acid and low glucosinolate content using marker assisted selection Jalgaon MAHARASHTRA
50 Advanta India Ltd. “RNAi and other cutting edge technological interventions to develop insect-pest, diseases & viruses tolerant tomato hybrids for Indian & International markets” SECUNDERABAD TELANGANA
51 Transasia Biomedicals Ltd. To develop novel 3rd Generation HIV (Antibody) & 4th Generation (HIV Antigen and Antibody) immunoassay format using flash type chemiluminiscence and magnetic particles as matrix.. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
52 Amar Immunodiagnostics Pvt Ltd Immunodiagnostic kits for detection of autoimmune diseases Hyderabad TELANGANA
53 JK Agri Genetics Ltd. Development of Bt-rice with two cry genes Hyderabad TELANGANA
54 RAS Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., Development of HCV genotype 3a based replicon system Hyderabad TELANGANA
55 Abexome Biosciences Establishment of in vitro Pharmacological Assay Platform for Biosimilars Bangalore KARNATAKA
56 Vivo Bio Tech Limited Optimization of Scale-up/Purification and clinical grade material generation of recombinant Urate Oxidase Hakimpet TELANGANA
57 Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Limited Bio-similar Interferon beta 1a: From process development to preclinical toxicology Pune MAHARASHTRA
58 Serum Institute of India Private Limited Clinical Development of Polysialylated Erythropoietin Pune MAHARASHTRA
59 Intas Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. Mucosal formulations of Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) Ahmedabad GUJARAT
60 IMGENEX India Pvt. Ltd. Development of High Expression Plasmid vectors for Production of Biosimilar Herceptin and Other Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies. BHUBANESWAR ORISSA
61 IMGENEX INDIA PVT LTD Bio-Process Development for Production of Biosimilar Trastuzumab – Second Phase BHUBANESWAR ORISSA
62 Biocon Ltd Open Label, Randomized, Multicentric Studies to Compare Safety and Efficacy of Recombinant Insulin Aspart- Biphasic and Regular with NovoLog® Mix 70/30 and NovoRapid® in T1DM and T2DM Patients Bangalore KARNATAKA
63 Incozen Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. Discovery and Development of Potent, Selective and Novel c-Met Kinase Inhibitors in Cancer Hyderabad TELANGANA
64 TERGENE BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Development of an Affordable, Asia specific 15 valent Pneumococcal Polysaccharide - CRM 197 Protein Conjugate Vaccine. Hyederabad TELANGANA
65 TERGENE BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Development of an Affordable, Asia specific 15 valent Pneumococcal Polysaccharide - CRM 197 Protein Conjugate Vaccine II Phase Hyederabad TELANGANA
66 Strand Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Hepatotoxicity Prediction Platform Bangalore KARNATAKA
67 Revelations Biotech Pvt Ltd Development of low cost rapid quantitative PCR technology for molecular diagnosis Hyderabad TELANGANA
68 Kaveri Seed Company Ltd. Development of Biotic stress resistant Rice through conjunct use of Bio- and Hybrid Technologies Secunderabad TELANGANA
69 Serum Institute of India Private Limited Development of HPV Vaccine Pune MAHARASHTRA
70 Bioseed Research India Pvt. Ltd. Development of rice hybrids with improved drought and salinity stress tolernace Hyderabad TELANGANA
71 Chromous Biotech Pvt Ltd Multiplex Fast-PCR based diagnosis and prognosis of tuberculosis Bangalore KARNATAKA
72 SriBiotech Laboratories India Limited Development of Actinomycetes based metabolites as delivery systems for soil health management in Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Hyderabad TELANGANA
73 Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Third generation RNAi for engineering Tomato leaf curl (ToLCV) and tospovirus (GBNV) resistance in tomato Nagpur MAHARASHTRA
74 Vinvish Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Design and Development of Photo Dynamic Therapy Laser System Trivandrum KERALA
75 Agada Medical Technologies Percutaneous Aortic Valve Technology Chennai TAMIL NADU
76 Saveer Biotech Commercial Scale Production of Nanopesticides and Nanofungicides for Indian Agro-industry New Delhi DELHI
77 Rossari Biotech Ltd Production of Cellulase and Pectinase Enzymes using Agro waste and /Produce as Raw material of Industrial/Feed and Health care use with large viable Market/Demand Kanjurmarg (West), Mumbai - 400078 MAHARASHTRA
78 Rasayani Biologics Pvt Ltd Evaluation of Platinum Nano Particles for the Treatment of Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer. Pune MAHARASHTRA
79 Rasayani Biologics Pvt Ltd Evaluation of NTPX-07 for the potential treatment of Cancers Pune MAHARASHTRA
80 Sea6 Energy Seaweed Biofuel - Cost-effective offshore biomass production and bio-conversion to fuel Bangalore KARNATAKA
82 Myko Tech Private Limited Enhanced production of extracellular melanin from various fungal sources for protection against UV and gamma radiations. Mapusa GOA
83 ANIL LTD Development of Value added Corn Steep Liquor and Powder suitable for food and fermentation Industry up to Pilot scale (1TPD) AHMEDABAD GUJARAT
86 Praj Industries Ltd. Lignocellulosic Biomass to Ethanol Technology : Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation Pune MAHARASHTRA
87 DESIGNINNOVA Design and development of an affordable Fluorescence Reader for Point-of-care diagnostics New delhi DELHI
88 Janacare Solutions Pvt. Limited DXPhone New Delhi DELHI
89 Optra Systems Pvt. Ltd. ONCOSCAN - Digital Oncopathology Slide Scanner Pune MAHARASHTRA
90 ExCel Matrix Biological Devices P. Ltd. Novel Haemostasis Mechanisms Hyderabad TELANGANA
91 Persistent Systems SanGeniX: A comprehensive Next Generation Sequence (NGS) data analysis solution. Pune MAHARASHTRA
92 MERKEL HAPTIC SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED Hi-Fidelity Affordable Mannequin for Effective CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Training CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
93 Mitra Biotech Pvt Ltd Development of PAT-1102, a novel HDAC inhibitor for the treatment of cancer Bangalore KARNATAKA
94 CRYSTALIN RESEARCH PVT LTD Clinical trials of novel anticancer drug cocrystal Hyderabad TELANGANA
95 Revelations Biotech Pvt Ltd Development of Novel and Economic Process for Production of Recombinant Human Insulin Hyderabad TELANGANA
96 Clonz Biotech Pvt Ltd Production of Ranibizumab – a recombinant humanized Anti-VEGF monoclonal antibody fragment (recombinant huFab V2) expressed in Hansenula Polymorpha. Hyderabad TELANGANA
97 C-CAMP Flow Analyzer Bangalore KARNATAKA
99 Shilpa Medicare Limited Development of novel intensified technology platform for production of low cost MAbs Hubli KARNATAKA
100 Bhat biotech india p ltd Design and Expression of humanized antibodies against soluble Interleukin-6R, soluble gp130 in Bacteria and Animal Cell lines Bangalore KARNATAKA
101 Inbiopro Solutions Pvt Ltd Interferon Beta 1 b Process development Bangalore KARNATAKA
102 Vitas Pharma Research Private Limited Novel inhibitors of fatty acid biosynthesis for the treatment of drug resistant S.aureus bacterial infections Hyderabad TELANGANA
103 CELESTIAL BIOLOGICALS LTD Scale-up of Plasma Fractionation Facility for High Value Products Ahmedabad GUJARAT
104 Nirmal seeds Pvt Ltd Development of Viral resistant okra using RNAi approach Jalgaon MAHARASHTRA
105 GEO Biotechnologies India Pvt Ltd Association Mapping and Whole Genome Marker Assisted Recurrent Selection for Development of Abiotic and Biotic Stress Resilient Maize Bangalore KARNATAKA
106 Krishidhan Seeds Private Limited Genomics assisted accelerated product development of high yielding pigeonpea hybrids Jalna MAHARASHTRA
107 Kaveri Seed Company Ltd. Marker-assisted dissection of genetic basis of yield and improving yield potential under drought stress in Maize Secunderabad TELANGANA
108 Nagarjuna Fertilizer & Chemicals Ltd Development of Technology Platform for Rare Sugar Production Hyderabad TELANGANA
109 Nagarjuna Fertilizer & Chemicals Ltd Development of technology Platform for Rare Sugar Production (Phase II) Hyderabad TELANGANA
110 Kumar Organic Products Ltd Sustainable and versatile microbial polymers: a biobased prospect for India. Bangalore KARNATAKA
111 Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd Scale up and validation of technology for the manufacture of DAG using Deacetylcephalosporin C synthase Sozhanghanallur TAMIL NADU
112 Bioseed Research India Pvt. Ltd. Identification of QTL(s) for drought tolerance and their introgression in elite cultivars of rice. Hyderabad TELANGANA
113 Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Scale-up facilities for the production of phytochemical reference substances from Indian medicinal plants of national relevance as a business model Bangalore KARNATAKA
114 Tuscano equipments private limited Imaging device for monitoring breast tissue changes Chennai TAMIL NADU
115 Phyto Biotech Pvt Ltd Novel Technology for Microbial Production of Paclitaxel,an anti cancer drug. Bangalore KARNATAKA
116 Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd Development of Flat Panel Computed Tomography (FPCT)machine Bangalore KARNATAKA
117 Achira Labs Pvt. Ltd. Electrophoretic pre-concentration to enable the fluorescence-based detection of ultra-low concentrations of analytes in human sera at the point-of-care Bangalore KARNATAKA
118 Axxonet System Technologies Automated Portable Epilepsy-EEG system Bangalore KARNATAKA
119 India Glycols Limited Setting up 10 ton Lignocellulosic biomass/day processing plant to produce about 3000 Litre ethanol/day (Phase – II: To run the plant in integrated continuous mode) Kashipur UTTARANCHAL
120 Enem nostrum remedies pvt ltd Discovery and Development of Novel Bone anabolic agents for accelerated fracture healing Andheri (east), Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
121 Yasham P2D Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. Tumor Necrosis Factor - alpha (TNFa) inhibiting compound as a first in class drug treatment for neuroinflammatory diseases. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
122 International Panaacea limited Developing Endosulphan degrading bacteria as a commercial product. NEWDELHI DELHI
123 Praj Industries Ltd. Development of Novel Cocktail of cellulolytic enzymes for Deconstruction of Lignocellulosic Feedstocks Pune MAHARASHTRA
124 Unichem Labs Limited An integrated approach to develop recombinant Sclerotium rolfsii (SRL)antitumor lectins in E. coli as novel targeted anticancer drug and drug delivery system for human colon and breast cancer, providing affordable health care to cancer patients Panji GOA
125 Symmetrix Biotech Development of Anti Thrombin-Clot Specific Streptokinase (ACSSK), A Novel Thrombolytic with twin properties of clot dissolution and prevention of arterial re-occlusion during the Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction and Ischemic Stroke Chandigarh CHANDIGARH
126 Usha Biotech Ltd Rapid Production of Proteins Using CELL EXPRESS - 100 (a novel mammalian expression system) Hyderabad TELANGANA
127 PNB Vesper Life Science PVT LTD Clinical development of Novel CCK receptor antagonists for the treatment of inflammatory pain Cochin KERALA
128 PNB Vesper Life Science PVT LTD Clinical development of Novel CCK receptor antagonists for the treatment of inflammatory pain Cochin KERALA
129 DSS Imagetech Pvt. Ltd. Validation, Field Trial, Scale-up and Commercialisation of Sensitive and Specific PCR based Diagnostic kit and Instruments for diagnosis of Chlamydia and Nisseria infection New Delhi DELHI
130 Sahajanand Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Development & building indigenous capability for Balloon Catheter Manufacturing. Surat GUJARAT
131 SciGenom Labs Pvt. Ltd High Performance Computing Infrastructure Cochin, KERALA
132 Apcegen Technologies Generation of Proof of Concept for Animal Studies of PEG conjugated fully human Fab’ Antibody Fragment expressed in E. coli for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Kanpur KARNATAKA
133 Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Multivalenet Leishmania Vaccine Development Ahmadabad GUJARAT
135 Ardee Hi-tech Pvt Ltd Bioconversion of coal rejects to biogas and humic acid Visakhapatnam ANDHRA PRADESH
137 Accuster Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Proposal for Upgradation of Mobile Lab with Kinetic mode (Addition of highly recommended tests HbA1c, SGOT-Kin, SGPT-Kin, Microalbumin, CR Protein etc.) New Delhi DELHI
138 Forus Health Pvt. Ltd. Shishunethra - Preventing blindness in Infants Bangalore KARNATAKA
139 Bakul Finechem Research Centre Development of Affordable Semi-synthetic Artemisinin for the Treatment of Malaria Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
140 Janacare Solutions Pvt. Limited Habits: Reality-TV based Diabetes Prevention Program for India New Delhi DELHI
141 Rasi Seeds Private Ltd Development of Rice Lines with Broad Spectrum and Durable Resistance to Bacterial Leaf Blight and Brown Plant Hopper through Marker–Assisted Gene Pyramiding Approach Attur TAMIL NADU
142 Dr Mohans Healthcare Products Pvt Ltd Promotion of Dr Mohans High fibre rice and its value added products for management of type 2 diabetes. CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
143 Epygen Biotech Private Limited Demonstration of Recombinant Streptokinase in collaboration with CSIR IMTECH for Scaling up to 100L high density fermentation of E.coli harboring rSK and small scale purification Navi Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
144 Bugworks Research India Pvt. Ltd. Novel antibiotics for gram negative bacteria: Structure based strategy to ameliorate antibiotic efflux and enhance compound efficacy Bangalore KARNATAKA
145 Bugworks Research India Pvt. Ltd. Novel antibiotics for gram negative bacteria: Structure based strategy to ameliorate antibiotic efflux and enhance compound efficacy Bangalore KARNATAKA
146 Symchem Research Labs Pvt Limited Development of a novel synthetic route for manufacturing Levoglucosan for making affordable value added downstream products HYDERABAD TELANGANA
147 Optra Systems Pvt. Ltd. CytoScan for Scanning and Automated PAP Smear Imaging for Cervical Cancer Screening and Mass Validation of OncoScan, Digital Pathology Scanner Pune MAHARASHTRA
148 Vitas Pharma Research Private Limited Inhibitors of bacterial DNA Gyrase as novel drugs for multidrug resistant infections Hyderabad TELANGANA
149 Biosense Technologies Pvt Ltd Validation and commercialization of point of care diagnostics for anemia and diabetes Thane MAHARASHTRA
150 Texcity Biosciences Private Limited Allele mining for development of rice with slow and sustained energy release Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
151 Anthem Biosciences Private Limited Building a specialized facility to foster innovation, development of technologies culminating into commercial manufacturing of therapeutics made by fermentation processes Bangalore KARNATAKA
152 Zytex Biotech Pvt Ltd Development of a novel powder formulation containing cell free extract of Bacillus subtilis ZB-87 ½ showing antifungal activities against multiple plant pathogenic fungi followed by field trials to prove efficacy MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA
153 Heamgen Research Private Limited Production of human ESC-derived red blood cells in bioreactor for clinical use Thaltej, Ahmedabad GUJARAT
154 Godavari Biorefineries Limited Targeting therapy-resistant stem cell-rich cancers Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
155 WINDLAS BIOTECH LIMITED Enhancement of oral bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs using NanoCrySP* technology. *A patented nanocrystalline solid dispersion (NSD) technology platform developed at NIPER, S.A.S. Nagar. Dehradun UTTARANCHAL
156 Bejo Sheetal Seeds Private Limited Evaluation of Bt Brinjal hybrids of Bejo Sheetal for BRLII trial compliance Jalna MAHARASHTRA
157 ATGC BIOTECH PVT. LTD Development of Novel Technologies for Integrated Pest Management through Mating Disruption using Patented SPLAT Formulation Secunderabad TELANGANA
158 JK Agri Genetics Ltd. Development of commercial tomato hybrids carrying different combinations of Ty genes for resistance against begomovirus infection using modern breeding tools. Hyderabad TELANGANA
159 Synkromax Biotech Private Limited A BIOENGINEERED CORNEAL GRAFT(Keratoprosthesis) Porur TAMIL NADU
160 OmniActive Health Technologies Ltd. Advanced Scalable Technology for Encapsulation of Lutein Pune MAHARASHTRA
161 Seagull BioSolutions Pvt. Ltd Optimization and characterization of a Virosome Vaccine for Dengue Pune MAHARASHTRA
162 Aspartika Biotech Pvt Ltd Establishment of pilot-scale Supercritical Fluid Extraction unit for nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products development BANGALORE KARNATAKA
163 KN Biosciences India Pvt ltd Fermentation technology for mass production of Entomopathogenic Nematode EPN by In-vivo and In-vitro Rearing Hyderabad TELANGANA
164 Baijnath Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Development, adoption of green technology for commercial production of tea catechins and its formulations Paprola HIMACHAL PRADESH
165 Virchow Biotech Private Limited Development of Plasma purified Alpha-1 Antitrypsin and C1- esterase Inhibitor HYDERABAD TELANGANA
166 JIVA SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED Development of MLBSS chip for Bovine sperms sorting BENGALURU KARNATAKA
167 Unilumen Photonics Pvt Ltd Development of Picosecond Fiber Laser for Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery Chennai TAMIL NADU
168 Saveer Biotech Towards Smart and Efficient Nanopesticides for Indian-Agro Industry New Delhi DELHI
169 S3V Vascular Technologies Private Limited Verification and Validation of In-House developed Conventional Intra-aortic balloon Catheter Mysore KARNATAKA
170 HLL Lifecare Limited Clinical Evaluation of Ormeloxifene to establish its efficacy in the treatment of Tamoxifen resistant breast cancer cases. Thiruvananthapuram KERALA
171 Vitane Biologics Private Limited Development of Bevacizumab for the treatment of colorectal cancer Hyderabad TELANGANA
172 Shilpa Medicare Limited Development of Anti-VEGF fusion protein for AMD Hubli KARNATAKA
173 Regrow Biosciences Private Limited A Prospective, Open-label, Multicentric Study to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of Autologous Adult Live Cultured Buccal Epithelial Cells UregrowTM in Subjects with Urethral Stricture Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
174 PathShodh Healthcare Private Limited Diabetes Management Device and Test Strips : Scale up, Quality Control and Deployment BANGALORE KARNATAKA
176 GPS Renewables Private Limited Development of Intelligent Waste Segregator, Optimization of Process Parameters for Biphasic Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste and its Demonstration at Field Scale Bangalore KARNATAKA
177 AlgalR NutraPharms Private Limited Pre-pilot scale production and validation of docosahexaenoic acid from microalgae Thanjavur TAMIL NADU
178 Epygen Biotech Private Limited Phase 2 of Development of Recombinant Streptokinase in collaboration with CSIR IMTECH for Scaling up and optimization of large-scale production of this life-saving Thrombolytic protein at an affordable cost for the unmet need in Indian patients Navi Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
179 Avinash Dental Laboratories & Research Institute Pvt. Ltd Design and Development of Silicone based Cartilage like Ear, Nose, Eye, orbital Implants for cranio-facial reconstruction. Kolkata WEST BENGAL
180 Mallipathra Nutraceutical Private Limited Bench scale production of snow flake Cordyceps and Cordyceps militaris through solid-state and sub-merged fermentation respectively for nutraceutical application Bangalore KARNATAKA
181 NovaLead Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Phase 3 clinical study of Galnobax gel for diabetic foot ulcers Pune MAHARASHTRA
182 Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited Improvement of line yield per se and efficiency of hybrid seed production in rice using genome editing technologies. Jalna MAHARASHTRA
183 NextGen In-Vitro Diagnostics Private Limited Research trial for developing a rapid biomarker-based non-sputum-based test for detecting TB New Delhi DELHI
184 A. G. Bio Systems Pvt. Ltd Scale Up, Bioefficacy & Toxicology study of developed mycoherbicides for control of Water hyacinth, Parthenium and Lantana weed Hyderabad TELANGANA
185 BARRIX AGRO SCIENCES PVT LTD To develop sustained release pheromone dispersion formulation and trap for the in house synthesised, patented, commercially affordable pheromones used by the farmers to control agricultural pests enabling organic cultivation. Bangalore KARNATAKA
186 WINDLAS BIOTECH LIMITED Clinical evaluation of formulations based on NanoCrySP technology Programme -BIPP Dehradun UTTARANCHAL
187 Nayam Innovations Pvt. Ltd. ISITE Intraocular lens for spectacle free vision after cataract surgery Pune MAHARASHTRA
188 Serigen Mediproducts Private Limited Evaluation and validation studies on BiolMed BGS - a novel osteoconductive bone graft substitute Pune MAHARASHTRA
189 Persistent Systems i-Doctor: An intelligent diagnosis and drug dispensing platform Pune MAHARASHTRA
190 Designing & commercialization of affordable chemically defined serum free media & feed for high value Biosimilars manufacture Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
191 Haffkine biopharmaceuticals corp. ltd Establishment of Center of Excellence for Snake Venom Standardization and Supply for Manufacturing of Various Antiserum Products Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
192 DEE DEE Labs Development of non-invasive Multigrasp Myoelectric Prosthetic hand using sEMG sensors and Machine Learning Algorithms MAharastra MAHARASHTRA
193 OmiX Research and Diagnostics Laboratories Pvt. Lt Development of an indigenous, rapid, low-cost platform for the detection and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance with a novel, high sensitivity dual isothermal amplification and multiplexed fluorescence detection BANGALORE KARNATAKA
194 String Bio Private Ltd Scale up and validation of gas based fermentation platform Malleshwaram, Bangalore KARNATAKA
195 Baijnath Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Commercial Scale Production of Tea Catechin from Green Tea Leaves, Development of Formulations as Nutraceuticals and their Human Intervention Studies Paprola HIMACHAL PRADESH
196 Himedia Laboratories Pvt Ltd Development of cost effective production technology for production of microbial hydrocolloids for biotechnology application Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
197 Ahammune Biosciences Private Limited Pre-clinical studies of AB1001, a novel drug candidate for debilitating skin disorder, Vitiligo Pune MAHARASHTRA
198 DSS Imagetech Pvt. Ltd. Validation Trial, Field Trial, Scale-up and commercialisation of two products, a. Real Time PCR Assay and b. LAMP based assay for the identification of GM crops by detecting specific molecular markers as well as common genetic elements. New Delhi DELHI
199 Eyestem Research Private Limited Developing induced pluripotent stem cell derived retinal pigment eptihelium RPE product for treatment of dry age related macular degeneration Ahmedabad GUJARAT
200 Indius Medical Technologies Development of a Novel Self Actuating Hydraulics based Growing Rod Technology for Growth Induced Correction in Paediatric Scoliosis Pune MAHARASHTRA
201 JIVA SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED Commercial machine prototype development for bovine sperm separation and field trials BENGALURU KARNATAKA
202 Valetude Primus Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Evaluation and clinical validation of a novel typhoid diagnosis and antimicrobial susceptibility test Delhi DELHI
203 Piscium Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd Nano Engineered Dental Burs for superior finesse, cavosurface integrity, efficiency and longer life Navi Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
204 SynThera Biomedical Private Limited Clinical validation of dental alloplasts made from bioactive phosphate glasses Pune MAHARASHTRA
205 Stellar Diagnostics India Private Limited Completion of development of affordable point of care Tirage test for TB meeting WHO mandated TPP Delhi DELHI
206 PNB Vesper Life Science PVT LTD Clinical development of Novel CCK-A receptor antagonists for the treatment of colon cancer and pancreatic cancer Cochin KERALA
207 AIndra Systems Private Limited An Affordable, Point-of-sample collection, Cervical Cancer detection system Bangalore KARNATAKA
208 Wockhardt Limited A Phase III, Randomised, Multicentre, Double-Blind, Comparative Study to Determine the Efficacy and Safety of Oral Nafithromycin WCK 4873 Versus Oral Moxifloxacin in the Treatment of Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia CABP in Adults Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
209 Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Limited Development of recombinant E. coli L-asparaginase and a lyophilised formulation of polyethylene glycol-conjugated recombinant E. coli L-asparaginase for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, ALL, in Indian patients. Pune MAHARASHTRA
210 Daftari Agrobiotech Pvt. Ltd Double haploid breeding in development of Rice varieties for enhancing resilience against biotic and abiotic stresses Nagpur MAHARASHTRA
211 GENESYS BIOLOGICS PVT LTD Development of cost effective, safe and efficacious long acting Insulin Glargine Biosimilar. HYDERABAD TELANGANA
212 Zentron Labs Pvt. Ltd. Apple fruit Quality Internal and External Grading Machine Using Multi-Spectral Imaging and Artificial Intelligence. Bengaluru KARNATAKA
213 Padmaseetha Technologies Pvt. Ltd OmniPD - Anytime/anywhere PD cycler/Dialysis Device Chennai TAMIL NADU
214 Sajjala Bio Labs Private Limited Pilot Scale Manufacturing for Clinical Trials and Execution of Clinical Trials for Liraglutide Hyderabad TELANGANA
215 Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited Application of Drone based Technology for Crop Health Analysis Jalna MAHARASHTRA
216 Hanugen Therapeutics A multicentric study for therapeutic evaluation for safety and efficacy of 2O methyl phosphothioate antisense oligonucleotide based exon skipping in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients Bangalore KARNATAKA
217 Aristogene Biosciences Pvt Ltd Development of Bacteriophage based formulation for the control of Aeromonas in Fishes Bangalore KARNATAKA
218 Althion Tech Innovations Pvt Ltd Development, in-house testing and performance evaluation of a novel, affordable ultrapure water unit for Kidney dialysis centers Hyderabad TELANGANA
219 Sohum Innovation labs India Private Limited An advanced improved screening algorithm and system to screen newborns for hearing loss in resource-constrained settings to prevent delayed speech and mental development. Bhopal MADHYA PRADESH
220 SENSIVISION HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Clinical Investigational trial of an effective, accessible and affordable device to treat and prognosticate HIE in Neonates BANGALORE KARNATAKA
221 Salcit Technologies Pvt Ltd Clinical validation of Swaasa.AI platform for remote screening & diagnosis of respiratory diseases Hyderabad TELANGANA
222 Haptic enabled VR Surgical Simulators for Training Chennai TAMIL NADU
223 Achira Labs Pvt. Ltd. Clinical validation and scaling up of manufacturing of a microfluidics platform for point-of-care immunodiagnostics Bangalore KARNATAKA
224 Chemveda Life Sciences India Pvt. Ltd. A novel micro RNA-induced gene silencing strategy for development of pest and disease tolerant cotton plants Hyderabad TELANGANA
225 Embio limited Process optimization with improved transaminase for conversion of R-PAC to L-Norephedrine and scale up to 100 L Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
226 JC OrthoHeal PVT LTD POC to market of FlexiOH: Breathable, Washable and light weight cast immobilization for fractured bone/ joint injuries. Surendranagar GUJARAT
227 Newndra Innovations Private Limited JaipurBelt: Improved Belt System for Body Support Jaipur RAJASTHAN
228 Openwater.In Pvt. Ltd Fully Automated, Continuous Flow, High Throughput Water Treatment Plant Bangalore KARNATAKA
229 Brun Health Pvt Ltd Assessment of a novel foetal monitoring device, Bruns ability to improve labour outcomes. New Delhi DELHI
230 QAWACH BIO PRIVATE LIMITED Clinical investigation and go-to-market for InstaNGAL: A novel and cost-effective bed-side screening for early detection and monitoring of renal injury MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA
231 BlackFrog Technologies Field Implementation of Emvolio- A solution for last-mile problems associated with immunization. Kundapur KARNATAKA
232 Monitra Healthcare Pvt Ltd Industrial design for manufacturing of upBeat platform for remote cardiac monitoring Hyderabad TELANGANA
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