Projects Supported by BIRAC under SBIRI
S.No.Applicant NameProposal TitleCityState
1 Beej Sheetal Research Private Limited(Bejo Sheetal Seeds Private Limited) Genetically modified vegetable crops for insect pest and disease resistance (Phase – I)” Jalna MAHARASHTRA
2 Bioseed Research India Pvt. Ltd. Development of transgenic salinity tolerant rice hybrids. Hyderabad TELANGANA
3 Poseidon Biotech Control of White Spot Syndrome Virus WSSV of shrimp in the culture system by Nanoparticlesmodified nanosystem. Chennai TAMIL NADU
4 Bharat Biotech International Limited Development and standardization of manufacturing and testing methodologies for human neonatal rotavirus vaccine candidate (Phase - II) HYDERABAD TELANGANA
5 Bharat Serums And Vaccines Ltd “Expression of recombinant proteins for development for synthetic pulmonary surfactant for respiratory distress syndrome (Phase-I)” Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
6 Bhat Biotech India Private Limited HRPIIpLDH based diagnostic kits for the differential detection of malarial parasites. Bangalore KARNATAKA
7 ABL Biotechnologies Limited, Chennai Process research for commercial production of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from Schizochytrium by submerged fermentation (Phase-II) Chennai TAMIL NADU
8 Bharat Serums And Vaccines Ltd Clinical Development, Process Development and Scale up of a commercially viable manufacturing process of Recombinant Follicle Stimulating FSH expressed in recombinant Chinese Hamster Ovary CHO cell line. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
9 Frontier Lifeline Private Limited Tissue engineering of homologous natural biomaterial for clinical use Chennai TAMIL NADU
10 IMGENEX INDIA PVT LTD Nanotechnology based delivery of peptide inhibitors for the treatment of Osteoporosis. BHUBANESWAR ORISSA
11 Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Pvt Ltd. Evaluation of transgenic cotton containing antisense AV2 gene for resistance to cotton leaf curl disease. Jalna MAHARASHTRA
12 Mediclone Biotech Pvt Ltd Commercial production of monoclonal antibodies, as an import substitute, with special reference to red blood cell phenotyping. Chennai TAMIL NADU
13 Mediclone Biotech Pvt Ltd Anti Snake Venom Serum ASVS using monoclonal F ab2 cocktail.<SPAN styleFONTSIZE 12pt FONTFAMILY Arial msofareastfontfamily Times New Roman msoansilanguage ENUS msofareastlanguage ENUS msobidilanguage ARSA>Anti Snake Venom Serum ASVS using monoclonal F ab<SUB>2<SUB> cocktail.<SPAN> Chennai TAMIL NADU
14 Actis Biologics Pvt Ltd Sustained delivery of MSP36 (Phase - II) Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
15 USV Ltd Development of a Vaccine Capable of Eliciting Immunological Memory for the Prevention of Typhoid.
16 Virchow Biotech Private Limited Development of commercialization of a recombinant uricase for the prevention and treatment of tumor lysis syndrome associated with leukemia, lymphoma & solid tumor malignancies. HYDERABAD TELANGANA
17 MULTIPLEX BIO-TECH PRIVATE LIMITED Enhancing the effectiveness of nucleopolyhedroviruses of Helicoverpa armigera HaNPV and Spodoptera litura SlNPV through incorporation of enhancing inclusion proteins and sunlight UV protectants in commercially produced HaNPV Helimar and SlNPV Spodomar. BANGALORE KARNATAKA
18 ZENOTECH LABORATORIES LIMITED Development of humanized monoclonal antibodies against human epidermal growth factor receptor. Hyderabad TELANGANA
19 MAPS ENZYMES LIMITED Development of a cost effective process for phytase production and its application studies. AHMEDABAD GANDHINAGAR GUJARAT
20 SRI SURYAANJANEYA INDUSTRIES Microbial process development for beta carotene production in Blakeslea trispora and upscaling the down stream process.Microbial process development for beta carotene production in Blakeslea trispora and upscaling the down stream process. Visakhapatnam ANDHRA PRADESH
21 Shantani Proteome Analytics Private Limited Pre-clinical Development of First-in-class Glucose Dependent Insulinotropic compound for management of type-2-diabetes and related complications Pune MAHARASHTRA
22 FIB-SOL Life Technologies Private Limited Development of a stable nanofiber carrier for biofertilizers Chennai TAMIL NADU
23 Shivashakti Biotechnologies Ltd., Selection and Vegetative propagation of superior clones of Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus L.) for mass multiplication and large scale planting. Hyderabad TELANGANA
24 Innov4Sight Health and Biomedical Systems Pvt Ltd Preparation & Profiling of umbilical cord blood derived biologically active peptides/growth factors concentrate BAPC & to establish clinical evidence for increasing thickness of endometrium during IVF procedure Bangalore KARNATAKA
25 SynThera Biomedical Private Limited Pre-Clinical validation of dental alloplasts from bioactive phosphate glasses Pune MAHARASHTRA
26 Indriyam Biologics Private Limited A Pan-specific Antiserum against major medically significant Snakes of India - A simple, effective and novel approach Mavelikara KERALA
27 Integral Biosciences Private Limited IBS 018 A novel multi kinase enzyme inhibitor for cancer therapy To generate a pre-clinical proof-of-concept of a novel small molecule multi kinase inhibitor IBS-018 in a xenograft model of pancreatic cancer. Noida UTTAR PRADESH
28 ATEN PORUS LIFESCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED Multimodal Approach to Target Solid tumours by Activating the Host Immune Response. Bangalore KARNATAKA
29 Janitri Innovations Private Limited KEYAR - An affordable, easy to use and wearable fetal heart rate and uterine contraction monitoring device which communicates with DAKSH - An Intrapartum monitoring mobile application JAIPUR RAJASTHAN
30 T.Stanes & Company Limited “Novel stable formulation of Streptomyces sp., for Fusarium control in chickpea”. Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
31 Haritha gold enterprise private limited Development of a process for direct conversion of Organic fraction of Municipal Solid wastes, kitchen waste and canteen waste to fuel oils and value added industrial raw materials. Hyderabad TELANGANA
32 Acsen Hyveg Private Limited Development of high yielding DH lines of broccoli using microspore culture, their conversion into CMS lines using MABC and utilization in hybrid breeding Sohna HARYANA
33 Pandorum Technologies Private Limited Development & validation of robust three dimensional in-vitro models of human non-alcoholic fatty liver disease for drug discovery Bangalore KARNATAKA
34 Serigen Mediproducts Private Limited Clinical Investigation of Serioss: a bone void filler Pune MAHARASHTRA
35 AptaBharat Innovation Pvt Ltd DNA aptamers-based next generation diagnostic test for tuberculosis Delhi DELHI
36 GEO Biotechnologies India Pvt Ltd Development of F1 Hybrid Tomato with high shelf life Bangalore KARNATAKA
37 Nirmal seeds Pvt Ltd Development of okra varieties resistant to YVMV using marker assisted selection Jalgaon MAHARASHTRA
38 APPASAMY OCULAR DEVICES Integrated Fiber based Fourier domain OCT with spectrometer Pondicherry PONDICHERRY
39 Alfa Corpuscles Pvt. Ltd. Development and Validation of Low Cost Indigenous Single Use Safety Syringe with Passive Spring Actuated Needle Stick Injury and Reuse Prevention Mechanism. Delhi DELHI
40 Suparna Chemicals Limited Development of an oral therapeutic kit for treatment of Mucositis during cancer therapy. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
41 Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd Development of low cost cone beam computer tomography diagnostic imaging system Bangalore KARNATAKA
42 Aumgene Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. Scale-up & commercialization of technology for production of recombinant lipase enzyme. Surat GUJARAT
43 Vivimed Labs Limited Development of a novel production technology to enhance the scalability and affordability of the peste des petits ruminants (PPR) vaccine Hyderabad TELANGANA
44 Indo American Hybrid Seeds Marker assisted gene pyramiding of blast and bacterial blight resistance genes into CMS & maintainer lines of rice Bangalore KARNATAKA
45 Krauter Healthcare Limited Pilot Scale Production of Plant Promoting Fungus Piriformospora indica – A step forward towards Commercialization NOIDA UTTAR PRADESH
46 Jigsaw Bio Solutions Pvt. Ltd. An Innovative Algorithm-Based Detection of Identical Multi-Repeat Sequences (IMRS) in the Genome of Plasmodium and its Validation in Malaria Diagnostics. Bangalore KARNATAKA
47 Steer Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Continuous process for economic production of effervescent preparations of aminoacids and other supplements Bangalore KARNATAKA
48 Pandorum Technologies Private Limited Smart drug delivery matrix for oncological applications Bangalore KARNATAKA
49 Healthline Private Limited Development of silk protein based cryopreservation medium for bovine sperm to sustain viability and motility to enhance success rate of artificial insemination Bangalore KARNATAKA
50 Chemveda Life Sciences India Pvt. Ltd. Novel inhibitors of the PI3K-Akt-mTOR pathway: Structure based approach for Lead optimization Hyderabad TELANGANA
51 Varuna Biocell Private Limited Production of Beta Galactosidase using Agriwaste Varanasi UTTAR PRADESH
52 Micro Therapeutics Research Labs Private Limited Efficient organotypic culture of Human Keratinocytes with potential pigmentation regulators Chennai TAMIL NADU
53 Oniosome healthcare pvt. ltd. Bleomycin sulphate bearing nanostructured lipid particles for targeting brain cancer. Mohali PUNJAB
54 Aristogene Biosciences Pvt Ltd Bacteriophage based control of Vibrio harveyi infection in shrimp Bangalore KARNATAKA
56 Anthem Biosciences Private Limited Generation of a thermotolerant strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus Bangalore KARNATAKA
57 ExCel Matrix Biological Devices P. Ltd. Pre-clinical (GLP) evaluation and validation of rapid manufacturing of cartilage prototype Hyderabad TELANGANA
58 Beej Sheetal Research Private Limited(Bejo Sheetal Seeds Private Limited) Development of disease resistant double haploid line in Cucumber Jalna MAHARASHTRA
59 Gpsbiotech Control white spot syndrome virus of shrimp using Nano-formulated dsRNAi HYDERABAD TELANGANA
60 Bioorganics and applied materials pvt ltd Development of synthesis platform for the production of O-Glucuronides of Drug molecules and their Deuterium labeled analogues Bangalore KARNATAKA
61 Actorius Innovations and Research Pvt Ltd,Mumbai Gastroretentive Superhydrodyanamic Pulsatile Platform Technology Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
62 Theramyt Novobiologics Private Limited Development of a highly efficient and economical process for therapeutic antibody fragment Bangalore KARNATAKA
63 Mir Lifescience Pvt Ltd A novel IVDMIA for predicting breast cancer prognosis and relapse Bangalore KARNATAKA
64 Total Potential Cells Pvt. Ltd. Differentiation of Human Adipose tissue Derived Stem Cells to Islet Cell mass Aggregates and its preparation for clinical application. Baroda GUJARAT
65 Codon Biosciences Private limited Development of costeffective process for the production of bifunctional cellulase with endoglucanase and glucosidase activities from Streptomyces species. Panaji GOA
66 Rope Production Centre, Madurai Value addition and waste utilization in Banana pseudostemValue addition and waste utilization in Banana pseudostem Madurai TAMIL NADU
67 JC Biotech Private Ltd. Scale up and optimization of the process for production of Pneumocandin B0 by aerobic fermentation of Glarea lozoyensis. Hyderabad TELANGANA
68 SRI BIOTECH LABORATORIES INDIA LIMITED Scaling up production and data package development for commercialization of bioweedicides for weed management in riceScaling up production and data package development for commercialization of bioweedicides for weed management in rice Hyderabad TELANGANA
69 Aditya Biotech Lab and Research Pvt Ltd Marker assisted introgression of yellow vein mosaic virus YVMV resistance trait in high yielding varieties of okra. Raipur CHHATTISGARH
70 Orbit Biotech Pvt. Ltd Development of reuterin based biopreservative as an alternative to harmful sodium nitrite & sodium nitrate based chemical preservatives for use in packaged meat food products. Mohali PUNJAB
71 Ganga Kaveri Seeds Private Limited Development of blast resistant rice hybrid GK 5017 and rice variety GK46 through Molecular Marker Assisted Breeding Hyderabad TELANGANA
72 Vivimed Labs Limited Process optimization for production of freezedried Brucella abortus Strain 19 Vaccine for veterinary use Hyderabad TELANGANA
73 ABC Genomic India Private Ltd A PointofCare POC Genetic Testing Device for TB Markers Suitable for Primary Health Care Centers Phase I Lucknow UTTAR PRADESH
74 Remidio Innovative Solutions Private Limited Design and Development of Fieldtestable prototypes of a Large Field of View, Battery Operated, EasytoUse Retinal Imaging Device for the diagnosis of Retinopathy of Prematurity ROP in premature infants Bangalore KARNATAKA
75 Healthline Private Limited Silk Protein Blend film for wound management Standardization of production process, clinical evaluations, value enhancement and concept establishment. Bangalore KARNATAKA
76 Pelican Biotech and Chemical Labs Pvt Ltd Novel methods of isolation of biochemicals from crustacean exoskeleton. <SPAN styleFONTSIZE 12pt FONTFAMILY Arial msobidifontsize 11.0pt msofareastfontfamily Times New Roman msoansilanguage ENUS msofareastlanguage ENUS msobidilanguage ARSA>Novel methods of isolation of biochemicals from crustacean exoskeleton. <SPAN> ALAPPUZHA KERALA
77 LABLAND BIOTECHS PRIVATE LIMITED Micropropagation and genetic improvement of Jatropha curcas L. for sustainable and enhanced production of biodiesel. MYSORE KARNATAKA
78 Relisys Medical Devices LTD Manufacture and clinical evaluation of Non polymeric Nanocarbon porous matrix Drug Eluting Stent DES. Hyderadad ( RR district) TELANGANA
79 ExCel Matrix Biological Devices P. Ltd. Novel Tissue Engineering and Three Dimensional Cell Culture Technology.Novel Tissue Engineering and Three Dimensional Cell Culture Technology. Hyderabad TELANGANA
80 YASHRAJ BIOTECHNOLOGY LIMITED Development of highly specific immunoassays for prostate and breast cancer through molecular characterization of existing markers and establishment of novel markers. NAVI MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA
81 ABL Biotechnologies Limited, Chennai Sustainedrelease drug delivery systems with liposomes and microspheres. Chennai TAMIL NADU
82 Shilpa Medicare Limited (Navya Biologicals Pvt Ltd) Development of a platform for production of complex peptides and proteins.Development of a platform for production of complex peptides and proteins. Hubli KARNATAKA
83 Maps India Limited Upscaling and Downstream processing of Industrially Important Enzymes from Solid State Fermentation to Submerge Fermentation for Import substitution with Export potential.
84 I Cube Nanotec India Pvt. Limited, Noida Conversion of lactose and glucose based feedstocks to Butanol-feasibility study Noida UTTAR PRADESH
85 MILLENNIUM EXPORTS LTD. Pet animal food, fish leather and other marine biotechnology products from fish waste. CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
86 T.Stanes & Company Limited Development of lipid lowering phytoformulations.Development of lipid lowering phytoformulations. Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
87 Nuziveedu Seeds Limited Stacking of candidate genes validated in planta addressing different moisture stress resistance strategies in maize Zea mays. Stacking of candidate genes validated in planta addressing different moisture stress resistance strategies in maize Zea maysPhase I & II Medchal Mandal, R.R. District TELANGANA
88 PERFINT HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED PIGA A platform of medical tool positioners for use in image guided interventional procedures. Chennai TAMIL NADU
89 Span Diagnostics Limited Manufacturing and commercialization of a low cost and reliable clinical chemistry analyzer. Surat GUJARAT
90 LeadInvent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Computational design & development of inhibitors for the treatment of Tuberculosis. New Delhi DELHI
91 Bioseed Research India Pvt. Ltd. Development of drought tolerant genotypes of rice, corn and cotton through genetic engineering. Hyderabad TELANGANA
92 BISEN BIOTECH AND BIOPHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED TB screen test for of diagnosis of pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis evaluation of prototype kit at selected hospitals peripheral health centres research laboratories. GWALIOR MADHYA PRADESH
93 Scigenics Biotech Pvt Ltd Research, design, engineer and manufacture Multi Deck Shaker. Chennai 600 041 TAMIL NADU
94 BHARAVI LABORATORIES PRIVATE LIMITED Processes for manufacture of R and S3hydroxybutyrolactones from biomass and bioactive products there from. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
95 SRI BIOTECH LABORATORIES INDIA LIMITED Production, formulation and commercialization of microbial agents for weed management in rice Oryza sativa L. Phase I Hyderabad TELANGANA
96 Oxygen Healthcare Research Private Limited Design, Synthesis, evaluation and development of the Novel H3 and other GPC receptor ligands for various therapeutic applications. Ahmedabad GUJARAT
97 PRIVI Organics Ltd Enzyme catalyzed manufacture of Esters
98 LIFECARE INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD Development of affordable, toxicity free Amphotericin B loaded Liposomal preparation for treatment of Kalaazar A PreProof of Concept Gurgaon HARYANA
99 ARA Healthcare Limited Product development, regulatory toxicology and pharmacology and phase I human clinical trial of three recombinant therapeutic proteins Gurgaon HARYANA
100 PROALGEN BIOTECH LIMITED Pilot scale production of biodiesel from algae. Chennai TAMIL NADU
101 Enzene Biosciences Ltd Expression of Peptidyl Amidase and Aprotinin in Baculoviral Systems and Development of Silkworm as a Bioreactor Bangalore KARNATAKA
102 Myko Tech Private Limited Synthesis of novel molecular drugs through biopolymerization of active principles from medicinal plants using the laccase enzyme. Mapusa GOA
103 Century Pharmaceuticals Ltd Apoptosisinducing humanorigin Fcebased chimeric proteins for targeted elimination of mast cells and basophils a new approach for allergy & asthma treatment Halol , Distt. Panchmahal GUJARAT
104 Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited Development of Mycobacterium w as an Adjuvant for anti rabies vaccine Ahmedabad GUJARAT
105 Bigtec Private Limited Proposal for Development of MEMS based Sensor for Neutrophil GelatinaseAssociated Lipocalin NGAL for diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury AKI Bangalore KARNATAKA
106 SANDOR PROTEOMICS PRIVATE LIMITED Cellular Biomarkers of rejection and immunosuppression in transplantation Hyderabad TELANGANA
107 Genomix Molecular Diagnostics Private Limited Developing sensitive, inexpensive and handheld diagnostic point of care poc instrumentation to detect malaria and other pathogens. Hyderabad TELANGANA
108 Hydrolina Biotech Private Limited PROVE IT Promoting Rural Opportunities by Value additions through Extraction Intervention Technologies to AgriHorti Crops Lycopene from Tomato. Chennai TAMIL NADU
109 INDIA PESTICIDES LIMITED Large scale production of curcuminpiperoyl conjugate. BAREILLY UTTAR PRADESH
110 Virchow Biotech Private Limited Indigenous development of a recombinant Fuzeon for the treatment of AIDS. HYDERABAD TELANGANA
111 Devleela Biotech Production of virus free garlic through tissue culture Raipur CHHATTISGARH
112 Arbro Pharmaceutical Ltd. Development and clinical validation of methods for diagnosis of tuberculosis and bacterial drug resistance by smear microscopy, culture and polymerase chain reaction using processed clinical samples and kit thereof. New Delhi DELHI
113 INDOVAX Pvt. Ltd Development of cell associated serotype 1 Mareks Disease vaccine of Poultry from an indigenous field isolate. Gurgaon HARYANA
114 Bioorganics and applied materials pvt ltd Deuterium labeling of molecules for drug discovery and clinical research.Deuterium labeling of molecules for drug discovery and clinical research. Bangalore KARNATAKA
115 Aristogene Biosciences Pvt Ltd Development of improved PCR kits with internal control for shrimp viruses WSSV, YHV, TSV and IHHNV. Bangalore KARNATAKA
116 Amar Immunodiagnostics Pvt Ltd Development of diagnostic tools for GMO testing and agriculture disease diagnostics. Hyderabad TELANGANA
117 Healthline Private Limited Silk Protein blend film Development and Commercialization for burn wound management. Bangalore KARNATAKA
118 Varuna Biocell Private Limited Indegenous production of Dextranase using SSF Technique Varanasi UTTAR PRADESH
119 AUROPROBE LABORATORIES PRIVATE LIMITED Detection of A1 and A2 casein variants in cows and development of high throughput genotype screening technology. NEW DELHI DELHI
120 Microbax India Limited Development, industrial manufacture and marketing of selected probiotic tablets containing Lactobacillus strains along with polyherbal microbicide for relieving vaginosisvaginitis and replenishment of probiotic Lactobacilli strains. Hyderabad TELANGANA
121 LeadInvent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Study, design and development of Hit Molecules for cancer targets New Delhi DELHI
122 Sugen Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Wound healing efficacy of novel formulation SLS03 Preclinical studies Tirupati ANDHRA PRADESH
123 Sun Agrigenetics P. Ltd. Development of commercial scale micropropagation technology for elite Date palm. Vadodara GUJARAT
124 TRANSGENE BIOTEK LIMITED Novel process development and optimization of process parameters for orlistat production. BOLLARAM TELANGANA
125 IcubedG Ideas Private Limited Risk based Process Design for large scale Manufacturing of male injectable contraceptive. New Delhi DELHI
126 Avesthagen Limited Hepatocytelike cells generated from human embryonic stem cells hESC for hepatotoxicity screening of xenobiotics in the drug discovery process. Bangalore KARNATAKA
127 Indo American Hybrid Seeds Utilization of Marker Assisted Selection for development of salt tolerant hybrids in rice Oryza sativa. Bangalore KARNATAKA
128 Abexome Biosciences Towards Generation Of A Library Of Monoclonal Antibodies Against Human Embryonic Stem Cells. Bangalore KARNATAKA
129 Ocimum Biosolutions Development and Validation of miRNA expression platform forPlants, modeled in Rice. Hyderabad TELANGANA
130 Oriental Aquamarine Biotech India Private Limited Design modification and commercialization of nitrifying bioreactor technology for the establishment of organic recirculation prawn seed production system. Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
131 IMGENEX INDIA PVT LTD Generation of induced pluripotent stem iPS cells from adult somatic cells using nongenomic protein transduction method. BHUBANESWAR ORISSA
132 Vivo Bio Tech Limited Production of Recombinant Exenatide Incretin mimetic like GLP1 Hakimpet TELANGANA
133 Reliance Life Sciences Pvt Ltd An open label, multicenter, prospective clinical study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of tissue engineered RSTE001 in patients with symptomatic cartilage defect of femoral condyle. Navi Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
134 Reliance Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Micropropagation of Date palm for Sustainable agriculture and Rural Economic growth. Navi Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
135 Laila Impex Development of Curcumin as high value phytopharmaceutical for treating Cataract. Vijayawada TAMIL NADU
136 Jay BioZyme Technologies Process development and application of pectinase for retting of plant fibres. Pune MAHARASHTRA
137 JUPITER BIOSCIENCE LIMITED Development, optimization and characterization of ligand RGD peptides targeted nano constructs encapsulating anticancer chemotherapeutic agents for effective treatment of lung cancer Gemcitabine and stabilization of lypophilized or spray dried formulation for direct local delivery or by injection through systemic circulation. BIDAR KARNATAKA
138 Avesthagen Limited Scaleup and evaluation of highvalue biosimilar product Etanercept aimed at providing costeffective healthcare solutions to the emerging markets. Bangalore KARNATAKA
139 KRISHIDHAN RESEARCH FOUNDATION PRIVATE LIMITED Development of Transgenic Bhendi Resistant to Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus. Jalna MAHARASHTRA
140 Beej Sheetal Research Private Limited(Bejo Sheetal Seeds Private Limited) Development of Dual Resistance in Tomato against virus infection & insect damage. Jalna MAHARASHTRA
141 Pelican Biotech and Chemical Labs Pvt Ltd Value added products from crustacean exoskeleton and coir pith integrated zero discharge processing project. ALAPPUZHA KERALA
142 Sun Agrigenetics P. Ltd. Development of commercial scale micropropagation technology for elite Red Sandalwood in India. Vadodara GUJARAT
143 Stempeutics Research Private Limited Large scale expansion and characterization of human Whartons Jellyderived mesenchymal stem cells. Bangalore KARNATAKA
144 Shilpa Medicare Limited (Navya Biologicals Pvt Ltd) Optimisation of fermentation and purification of recombinant Human Serum Albumin and recombinant Human Thrombin produced in yeast. Hubli KARNATAKA
145 MediVED Innovations Private Limited Design, Development and Clinical Evaluation of Implantable Drug Eluting CardiacPacing Leads. Bangalore KARNATAKA
146 ADLER MEDIEQUIP PVT.LTD. Design and Development of an Innovative Locked BonePlating SystemDesign and Development of an Innovative Locked Bone Plating System PUNE MAHARASHTRA
147 GVS BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Commercial Scale Extraction Unit to Produce 0Calorie Natural Sweetener from Stevia Leaves. BANGA PUNJAB
148 Nandan Biomatrix Limited Micropropagation of Nandan1 and Nandan2, high yielding Jatropha curcas L. hybrids for sustainable & profitable cultivation. Hyderabad TELANGANA
149 Global Transgenes Limited Generation, Evaluation and Regulatory Appraisal of Selected Transgenic Events for Enhanced Tolerance Against Lepidopteran Insect Pests in Cotton, Rice and Brinjal. Aurangabad MAHARASHTRA
150 BANGALORE BIOTECH LABS PRIVATE LIMITED Development of Platform Technology for Adherent cells on Microcarriers. BANGALORE KARNATAKA
151 CUSTOMISED TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Development of automated bioinstruments viz. automated dispensing system and automated cell counter. BANGALORE KARNATAKA
152 Advanced Neuroscience Allies Private Limited. Preclinical studies of Human mesenchymal stem cells MSCs isolated and characterized from different sources in autoimmune disease, namely rheumatoid arthritis RA and type 1 diabetes T1DM Bangaluru KARNATAKA
153 Arjuna Natural Limited Detailed Chemical Profiling and PreClinical Evaluation of a USpatented Antidiabetic Plant Extract. Aluva KERALA
154 Hi Tech Biosciences India Ltd. Development and Scaleup of novel biopesticides based on M. anisopliae for control of Helicoverpa armigera. Pune MAHARASHTRA
155 Sanzyme Limited Extraction, purification, stabilisation & biological studies of natural gonadotropins & other uroproteins Hyderabad TELANGANA
156 Shantani Proteome Analytics Private Limited Development of a Novel Method to Identify New Drug Targets for Type 2 Diabetics Treatment Pune MAHARASHTRA
157 Juan Biotechnology Private Limited Evaluation of potential antagonistic microorganisms for the management of sheath blight of rice. Bhuvneshwar ORISSA
158 Ravindranath G E Medical Associates Pvt.Ltd Development of Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction assay and prototype kit for direct detection of Methicillin Resistance MRSA in S. aureus from clinical specimen under commercialization of available innovative research leads scope of SBIRI. Hyderabad TELANGANA
159 T.Stanes & Company Limited Passive Immunotherapy using Chicken IgY Consortium with Probiotics supplementation for Gastrointestinal infections in Poultry Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
160 Surya pharmaceuticals Scientific validation of BroncoT a polyherbal formulation for bronchial asthama in experimental models PhaseI Varanasi UTTAR PRADESH
162 Laila Impex An Integrated Approach to the Utilization of Selected Classical Ayurveda DecoctionPatoladi Kashayam Vijayawada TAMIL NADU
163 POCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LIMITED Production and evaluation of a novel Hexavalent lipooligosaccharide vaccine for Nesseria mengitidis against Meningococcal disease Hyderabad TELANGANA
164 La Chandra Biosciences Pvt. Ltd Establishment of Tissue Culture unit for Micropropagation of high quality Potato Seeds. Ahmedabad GUJARAT
165 Orchid Research Laboratories Ltd Development and validation of a Celltissue coculture model for aiding liver specific studies and drug discovery applications. Chennai TAMIL NADU
166 Incozen Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. Discovery and Development of Novel, Selective and Potent Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase Inhibitors in Inflammatory Bowel diseases. Hyderabad TELANGANA
167 PhytoMyco Research Pvt. Ltd. Scientific validation and standardization of the active fraction, PM2040, enriched from the patient tested Ayurvedic antidiabetic drug, Parinam Nanjangud, Mysore District KARNATAKA
168 Indian Immunologicals Limited Generation of Prototype Lateral Flow Assay Kit using Antigen Specific Hybridomas to Develop Rapid Diagnostic Test for Clinical Diagnosis of Malaria Hyderabad TELANGANA
169 Aumgene Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. Cloning and Expression of Recombinant Lipase enzyme. Surat GUJARAT
170 Anthem Biosciences Private Limited Generation of an E. coli K12 strain for extracellular production of industrial. Bangalore KARNATAKA
171 Codon Biotech Private Limited Studies on bioconversion of glycerol, a byproduct of Biodiesel industry, into economically important 1,3 propandiol and PHA, their purification and licensing for scaling up process. Noida UTTAR PRADESH
172 Sugen Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Production of laboratory animal feed special feed diet for experimental animals PhaseII. Tirupati ANDHRA PRADESH
173 Vinvish Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Design and development of Fiber Laser based portable Raman SpectrometreDesign and development of Fiber Laser based portable Raman Spectrometre Trivandrum KERALA
174 Aditya Biotech Lab and Research Pvt. Ltd Identification of DNA markers linked to elite traits in micropropagated banana plants. Raipur CHHATTISGARH
175 Sri Raghavendra Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd. Complete in vitro characterization of Umbilical cord Whartons jellyderived Mesenchymal Stem Cells UCMSC. Bengaluru KARNATAKA
177 PERFINT HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED Design and development of a SMART SENSOR SYSTEM for therapy monitoring and validation of soft tissues tumors. Chennai TAMIL NADU
178 Hi Tech Biosciences India Ltd. Development of platform technology for Nitrilase catalyzed biotransformation processes. Pune MAHARASHTRA
179 Simplyfeye Softwares Pvt Ltd Development of streaming data webservice engine for bioprocess equipments for improved monitoring of bioprocesses New Delhi DELHI
181 V.B. Medicare Pvt Ltd Development and characterization of lipid carrier based nanogel formulation for 5Fluorouracil Hosur TAMIL NADU
182 Bhat Biotech India Private Limited Development of probes based on a human BAC library for the diagnosis of disease for use in situ hybridization and in microarray. Bangalore KARNATAKA
183 Invictus Oncology Private Limited Development of AntibodyPlatinum Conjugates for The Therapy of EGFRoverexpressing Tumors. Delhi DELHI
184 Ganga Kaveri Seeds Private Limited Development of Bacterial leaf Blight resistant Rice Hybrids through molecular marker assisted breeding. Hyderabad TELANGANA
185 Erkadi Systems Proposal for Low Cost Blower BLDC Motor ICU Ventilator Bangalore KARNATAKA
187 Rasi Seeds Private Ltd Transgenic Cassava Production with Genes Conferring Resistance to Indian Cassava Mosaic Virus Disease Attur TAMIL NADU
188 Cardea Biomedical Technologies Pvt. Ltd An Innovative, HighEnd, Palm Sized, Single Lead ECG Display Device for Ambulatory and Long term rhythm monitoring and OnTheGo Applications. New Delhi DELHI
189 ITrace Nanotech Private Limited Advanced Active Transdermal Drug Delivery for Migraine Management Secunderabad TELANGANA
190 Varuna Biocell Private Limited Indigenous Production of Dextranase using SSF Technique Phase II Commercial Production. Varanasi UTTAR PRADESH
191 Healthline Private Limited Developing face mask for cosmaceutical application using sericin, peptides from silk fibroin and nonwoven silk sheet. Bangalore KARNATAKA
192 Embio limited Demonstration of conversion of Benzaldehyde to Phenylacetylcarbinol PAC with improved efficiency on scale of 4 KL Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
194 Tran-Scell Biologics Private Limited Stem Cell Implant Biocomplexes For Periodontal Tissue Regeneration Hyderabad TELANGANA
195 Samleen Bioengineering Pvt. Ltd Study of Indian strain of Porphyromonas gingivalis, its gingipains and neutralization or inhibition of its virulence in human periodontal diseases Bangalore KARNATAKA
196 Xcelris Labs Limited Development of drought and saline tolerant high biomass yielding Bamboo plants as energy crop Ahmedabad GUJARAT
197 Nuziveedu Seeds Limited Biofortification of maize with carotene and high quality protein using functional genomics and molecular breeding approaches. Medchal Mandal, R.R. District TELANGANA
198 Shantani Proteome Analytics Private Limited Validation of Smallmolecule Target Identification Technology for its Versatility Pune MAHARASHTRA
199 SciGenom Labs Private Limited Development of Single Tube Multi Gene OncoDiagnostic Tests for use with Next Generation Sequencing Platforms Cochin, KERALA
201 Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd RADIATION FIELD ANALYZER RFA. Bangalore KARNATAKA
202 Bionary Bioproducts Private Limited Development of Larginine production process with novel genetically engineered E.coli strains Hyderabad TELANGANA
203 Robonik India Pvt. Ltd Design and Development of Automated In Vitro Diagnostic Instrumentation ELISA processor, Automatic Biochemistry and Urine strip Analysers. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
204 Advenio TecnoSys Private Limited Computer Assisted Reading Tool for Automatic Detection and Grading of Diabetic Retinopathy. Karnal HARYANA
205 Advanced microdevices p ltd Novel sample processing for the simple and rapid diagnosis of TB, MDR-TB and XDR-TB. Ambala cantt HARYANA
206 Codon Biotech Private Limited Studies on bioconversion of glycerol, a byproduct of Biodiesel industry, into a economically important 1,3 propandiol, its purification and scaling up – Phase II Noida UTTAR PRADESH
207 NeOMICS Research Foundation Identification of Genetic Biomarkers for Esophageal Cancer in North-East Indian Population Guwahati ASSAM
208 MERKEL HAPTIC SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED Affordable Mannequin Simulator for Training in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Attack CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
209 Western Range Biopharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Adaptation and validation of dendritic cells-based therapy for treatment of cancers Ahmedabad GUJARAT
210 Pratimesh Labs Pvt Ltd Low-cost, efficient and portable blood cell counter for point-of-care diagnostics. Bangalore KARNATAKA
211 NanoSniff Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Development of a prototype instrument (sensor & detection electronics) to detect Heart Fatty Acid Binding Protein (hFAbP) Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
212 Biozone Research Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Novel quorum sensing inhibitors against biofilm forming bacteria Chennai TAMIL NADU
213 Ganga Kaveri Seeds Private Limited Development of brown plant hopper (BPH) resistant rice hybrids by marker-assisted breeding. Hyderabad TELANGANA
214 Varsha Bioscience and Technology India Pvt. Ltd. Development of bio-pesticide formulation using the seed extract of Hydnocarpus pentandra for the management of insect pests of agriculture/ forestry importance Nalgonda TELANGANA
215 AGATSA SOFTWARE PVT LTD We are making a unique credit card sized cardiac telemetry device called Sanket which can be used to monitor ECG, SpO2 and Blood Pressure just by touching, and everything can be remotely monitored on mobile by doctors New Delhi DELHI
216 Sri Research For Tissue Engineering Private Limited Development of an injectable targeted cell therapy for the treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence. Bangalore KARNATAKA
217 Arjuna Natural Limited Process validation and development of a highly stabilized Omega-3 fatty acids in liquid matrix, value addition of its byproduct, preclinical and clinical evaluation of safety and bioavailability for use in pediatric and general population Aluva KERALA
218 InnAccel Technologies Private Limited (InnAccel Acceleration Services Private Limited) NoXeno-A safer and easier Nasal foreign body extractor for clinicians in under-served areas BANGALORE KARNATAKA
219 Padmaseetha Technologies Pvt. Ltd Validation, Pilot and Pre Market Survey of mCAPD - mobile Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis; an anytime, anywhere dialysis solution Chennai TAMIL NADU
220 Aten Porus LifeSciences Pvt Ltd First-in-Class Therapeutics for Niemann-Pick Type C Disorder Bangalore KARNATAKA
221 AbGenics LifeSciences Pvt. Ltd. Development AbTids a new class of anti infective biologicals Pune MAHARASHTRA
222 INNOVATION BIOLOGICALS PVT.LTD “Laboratory optimization of fermentation and downstream processing for recombinant Hansenula polymorpha based Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) L1 protein” PUNE MAHARASHTRA
223 WEINNOVATE BIOSOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Novel combination-gel for rapid healing of Diabetic foot ulcers PUNE MAHARASHTRA
224 Viravecs Labs LLP Validation of a novel technology to generate stable transgenic systems with no off-target effects. Bangalore KARNATAKA
225 Vyome Biosciences Private Limited Engineering new generation antibiotics against recalcitrant opportunistic pathogens for treatment of implant associated osteomyelitis Delhi DELHI
226 Biomoneta Research Pvt Ltd Z-Box: Electrodynamic Ablation of Pathogens from Healthcare Environments Bangalore KARNATAKA
227 InnAccel Private Limited VAPCare: An intelligent secretion and oral hygiene management system to reduce risk of acquiring ventilator associated pneumonia. Bangalore KARNATAKA
228 Oniosome healthcare pvt. ltd. Development and validation of Nanofibrous Ocular Patch Mohali PUNJAB
229 Actorius Innovations and Research Pvt Ltd,Mumbai Non-invasive second clinical study to test the prognostic ability of a proprietary diagnostic technology, OncoDiscover, designed to capture and concentrate circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in blood samples of patients with various carcinomas and used to predict progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS). Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
230 Serigen Mediproducts Private Limited Development of Silk Fibroin composite matrix for use in breast reconstruction and augmentation surgeries Pune MAHARASHTRA
231 String Bio Private Ltd Nanobubble technology for economical gas fermentation. Malleshwaram, Bangalore KARNATAKA
232 Geniron Biolabs Pvt. Ltd. Validation of Recombinant Contraceptive Vaccine for its Sterilization Potential in Dogs Anekal, Bangalore KARNATAKA
233 T.Stanes & Company Limited Development of an integrated product with plant growth & defense potential through end to end utilization of marine biological resources. Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
234 Dhiti Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd Development and production of recombinant proteins for their use in commercial production of in vitro diagnostic test kits NEW DELHI DELHI
235 ORTHOCRAFTS INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Bioabsorbable implants based on polylactic acid Pune MAHARASHTRA
236 NovaLead Pharma Private Limited (VLife Sciences Technologies Private Limited) Development of repositioned drug molecules for inflammatory skin diseases Pune MAHARASHTRA
237 Kwaklei and Khonggunmelei Orchids Pvt. Ltd. Commercial orchid breeding and production of clones of elite hybrids Imphal MANIPUR
238 Module Innovations Pvt Ltd To Validate USenseTM: Platform based Low cost, Rapid and POC diagnosis of specific Uropathogens causing UTI, helping reduce AMR PUNE MAHARASHTRA
239 Swasti Agro & Bioproducts Pvt Ltd BioAVert I: Preventing diseases of plants Pune MAHARASHTRA
240 Sajjala Bio Labs Private Limited Scale up process development of recombinant teriparatide in E. coli for the treatment of osteoporosis Hyderabad TELANGANA
241 VIVIRA PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Scale-up of “VoDCa”(Vortex Diode Cavitation) for industrial applicationsl PUNE MAHARASHTRA
242 Sowbhagya Biotech Private Limited Production of plant growth promoting factors by Bacillus subtilis SR1 under the influence of feather protein hydrolysate with control of plant pathogens Hyderabad TELANGANA
243 Oniosome healthcare pvt. ltd. Pre-clinical studies of Bleomycin Sulphate bearing Nanostructured Lipid Particles for Targeting Brain Cancer Mohali PUNJAB
244 CELLUGEN BIOTECH PVT LTD Development of Biologic and Synthetic Scaffolds Seeded with Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Establishment of Safety and Efficacy in Pre-Clinical Study Gurgaon HARYANA
245 YAATHUM BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Developing a rapid multiplex test to diagnose Extensively drug resistant TB XDR-TB and Multidrug resistant TB MDR-TB Chennai TAMIL NADU
246 Nanoclean Global PVT. LTD. Nano-Respiratory Nasal Filter New Delhi DELHI
247 Drishtee Naturals Development of a Novel arthritic remedial mixture and Preclinical Evaluation Hosur TAMIL NADU
248 Phase Laboratories Pvt Ltd Development of a DHM Based Tool for Smart Screening & Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer Dwarka DELHI
249 Krimmi Biotech LLP Validation and bench-scale production of beneficial nematodes on waste silkworm pupae against agricultural pests like root grubs, shoot borers, root weevils, fungus gnat etc., to protect crops like arecanut, sugarcane, banana and other vegetative crops. DAVANGERE KARNATAKA
250 SM Plant Production Technologies Pvt Ltd Development of Fusarium resistant banana cv Elakki bale through chemical mutagenesis of embryogenic cells and mass screening for resistance Doddaballapur taluk KARNATAKA
251 SCIDOGMA RESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED SmartScope: A Computer numerical controlled(CNC) microscope for clinical diagnosis Malleshwaram Bangalore KARNATAKA
252 CISGEN BIOTECH DISCOVERIES PRIVATE LIMITED Clinical evaluation and scale-up of a novel therapeutic formulation for treating a fatal viral disease of dogs Chennai TAMIL NADU
253 Innovator Lab Consultants India Private Limited Novel Prosthetic Heart Valve, with lifelong durability & freedom from anticoagulants: The Holy Grail of Heart Valve Therapy Delhi DELHI
254 Alfa Corpuscles Pvt. Ltd. Development and PreClinical Validation of Low Cost, Indigenous, Novel IPOM for Hernia Repair. Delhi DELHI
255 Genomix Molecular Diagnostics Private Limited "Scheduling Equines from Fatal Zoonotic disease- Glanders and Equine Infectious Anemia EIA in India using Point of Care Diagnostics POCD ” Hyderabad TELANGANA
256 VUON Technologies Private Limited Virtual Reality based technology for Screening and Monitoring of sight threatening macular diseases. Mysuru KARNATAKA
258 Affigenix Biosolutions Pvt Ltd Development of ready to use engineered cell lines for in vitro Insulin receptor phosphorylation bioassay to monitor Insulin drug potency. Bangalore KARNATAKA
259 Actorius Innovations and Research Pvt Ltd,Mumbai Bioequivalence BE studies for novel gastro-retentive superhydrodynamic pulsatile AIR Capsule Platform Technology - extension grant for BE Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
260 Carot Labs Private Limited Capillary Bioreactor - bringing major reduction in water requirement for algal cultivation CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
261 Izene life sciences Pvt ltd Process development, bio efficacy and toxicity of sinapultide for treatment of respiratory distress syndrome Hyderabad TELANGANA
262 Foundation for Neglected Disease Research Development of FNDR10045, a potent DprE1 inhibitor for the treatment of Tuberculosis Bengaluru KARNATAKA
263 Neuheit Pharma Technologies Pvt Ltd Development and Evaluation of Novel Topical Drug Delivery Systems of Rhein for Effective Treatment of Osteoarthritis Hyderabad TELANGANA
264 Serigen Mediproducts Private Limited In vitro and In vivo Evaluation of BiolMed-Serimat, as an alternative to Acellular Dermal Matrices Pune MAHARASHTRA
265 Biomoneta Research Pvt Ltd Field validation of Z-Box: A device to reduce the spread of infection in Healthcare Environments Bangalore KARNATAKA
266 Visargha Agri Sciences Private Limited Development of an accelerated and precision breeding system for trait integration in plants Bhubaneswar ORISSA
268 AP Organics PVT LTD Development of Processes for Preparation of Rice Bran Lecithin from Crude Rice Bran Gums District-Sangrur PUNJAB
269 Bagmo Private Limited To pilot a novel smart blood bag monitoring solution for safe and reliable blood transfusion Kozhikode KERALA
270 ADIUVO DIAGNOSTICS PVT LIMITED SKINSCOPE - Rapid, non invasive, reagent-less screening device to detect and classify clinically relevant pathogens causing Skin and Soft Tissue Infections CHENNAI TAMIL NADU
271 Shilps Sciences Private Limited Microfluidic platform for single cell analysis and processing. Bangalore KARNATAKA
272 VMP ORTHO INNOVATIONS LLP Navigation in Orthopaedic and Trauma surgery. PUNE MAHARASHTRA
273 Abhiruchi Probiotics Pvt Ltd Shelf life analysis of a novel probiotic formulation for lowering of cholesterol Pune MAHARASHTRA
274 IGY Immunologix India Private Limited Novel Interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 IRAK4 inhibitor for the treatment / prevention of sepsis shock HYDERABAD TELANGANA
275 RCUPE LIFESCIENCES PVT LTD To establish Manufacturing and regulatory compliance for clinical validation of Ozyn-D a novel, indigenously developed Intraosseous device for emergency vascular access in resource constrained settings. BANGALORE KARNATAKA
276 Mimyk Medical Simulations Pvt Ltd An Immersive Endoscopy Simulation Platform Bangalore KARNATAKA
277 Nesa Medtech Pvt. Ltd Affordable and Minimally invasive therapy for women with Symptomatic Uterine Fibroids. Bangalore KARNATAKA
278 Unicita Consulting Private Limited Radiolucent Carbon Fiber Truss for X Ray machines Bengaluru KARNATAKA
279 CISGEN BIOTECH DISCOVERIES PRIVATE LIMITED Up scaling and validation of Smart Easy Artificial insemination Gun to upgrade breeding programme to boon diary sector. Chennai TAMIL NADU
280 Dzeal private limited Clinical validation of BIG file NERUL / THANE MAHARASHTRA
281 Diagnorite Innovative Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Development of a Prototype Blood Test Kit for Earliest Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction at any Healthcare Setup Pune MAHARASHTRA
282 Yostra Labs Private Limited Clinical validation of "Kadam", a novel device for treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers using warm oxygen therapy. Bangalore KARNATAKA
283 Luxmatrainnovations Private Limited Engineered nano-immuno platform for Cancer Immunotherpay Ernakulam KERALA
284 ACUBIOSYS PRIVATE LIMITED Preclinical pharmacokinetics and efficacy optimization of selective, potent Indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase inhibitors for the treatment of colorectal breast and lung cancer Hyderabad TELANGANA
285 Ouija Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd. A novel fungus assisted fermentation-distillation pipeline for enhanced production of fragrant Assam agarwood oil Guwahati ASSAM
286 Bionic Hope Pvt. Ltd. User Validation and Certification for Affordable Upper Limb Prosthesis Patna BIHAR
288 PENTAVALENT BIO SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED PentaFluVac – the first universal live attenuated influenza vaccine for new born, children, adults and older adults Bangalore KARNATAKA
289 4S Medical Research Pvt Ltd. See Sound Live - A smart phone based, novel speech visualization tool to help improve speech performance and communication skills of a deaf and dumb person, currently relying only on sign language. NEW DELHI DELHI
291 Protein Design Pvt Ltd A novel universal strategy for delivering antigens to dendritic cells using DEC 205 specific single chain fragment variables. Bangalore KARNATAKA
292 Hitech Formulations Pvt Ltd Lipidic nanocarriers as an innovative technology for topical fungal infections, resistance and recurrence Chandigarh CHANDIGARH
293 BeAble Health Pvt Ltd ArmAble: Gamified Upper Limb Rehabilitation - Extensive validation & Software Optimization Hyderabad TELANGANA
294 MicroGO LLP Portable, on-the-go Steriliser Chennai TAMIL NADU
295 Rajamadhangi Medical Technologies Private Limited Testing and Validation of indigenous dialysis cartridge in large animal Manipal KARNATAKA
296 Mocxa Health Private Limited A Portable, Affordable & Accessible Diagnostic Tool for Mental Health Conditions including Seizures and Epilepsy Bangalore KARNATAKA
297 Kalam Biotech Pvt. Ltd Pilot scale production of Lipopeptide Biofungicide from Bcillus amyloliquefaciens and its efficacy studies in field. Telanganan KARNATAKA
298 Bioscan Research Private Limited Handheld screening device for instantaneous detection of intracranial bleeding in closed head injured patients Ahmedabad GUJARAT
299 Cartosense Private Limited Portable Surgical Navigation with Advanced Planning and EVD Guidance Nasik MAHARASHTRA
300 EXOCAN HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED A nano formulation of cisplatin as advanced drug delivery system PUNE MAHARASHTRA
301 Foundation for Neglected Disease Research Development of novel quinolines for the treatment of tuberculosis Bengaluru KARNATAKA
302 JANANOM PRIVATE LIMITED CCD matrix for High value apo-carotenoid isomers Bengaluru KARNATAKA
303 Urvogelbio Private Ltd Validation of a blood based neuronal exosome platform for Alzheimer staging and Dementia subgroup identification Hyderabad TELANGANA
304 XPERTNEST SOLUTION PVT LTD AgriX-AI, ML enabled solution with advance analytics for high throughput plant phenotyping & farm monitoring in rice and wheat RAJKOT GUJARAT
305 Regrow Biosciences Private Limited Human Umbilical Cord blood UCB derived Hematopoietic Stem Cells HSC Expansion for therapeutic use in humans Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
306 Cyonics cyto solutions private limited Pre-clinical validation of epidermal cell transplant device and instrument for vitiligo, wound and burn treatment Hyderabad TELANGANA
307 IGY Immunologix India Private Limited Novel ULK1 inhibitors for treatment of resistant cancer patients for improved clinical outcome HYDERABAD TELANGANA
308 Precify Erut-Lucirga Pvt Ltd. Enhance farm productivity by customized advisory to farmers via phone basis crop models developed using Internet of Things & Machine Learning Jaipur RAJASTHAN
309 Flic farm private limited Autonomous Mobile Robots for weed and pest detection in dry row crops Hyderabad TELANGANA
310 NAVA Design and Innovation Private Limited Development, validation, and demonstration in an operational environment of a robotic coconut sap tapping device. Kochi KERALA
311 Datt Mediproducts Private Limited Development of tissue engineered nerve conduit device using polymeric scaffolds and Mesenchymal stem cells differentiated Schwann cells for peripheral nerve regeneration. New delhi DELHI
312 YASHRAJ BIOTECHNOLOGY LIMITED Development of Synthetic Camelid Single Domain Antibody Phage Display Library: A rapid antibody discovery platform to develop novel monoclonal antibodies, for clinical diagnostic and therapeutic applications. NAVI MUMBAI MAHARASHTRA
313 Comofi Medtech Pvt Ltd Clinical testing of a surgical intervention platform, nGuide Bangalore KARNATAKA
314 Kvayat Medical Private Limited Non-Invasive & Hygienic Faecal Collection Device for Bed-ridden Patients Hyderabad TELANGANA
315 Heamac healthcare Pvt Ltd nLite 360™ – A modular phototherapy device for jaundice neonates Hyderabad TELANGANA
316 Monitra Healthcare Pvt Ltd Industrial design for manufacturing of upBeat platform for remote cardiac monitoring Hyderabad TELANGANA
317 Embio limited Production of Levodopa Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
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