Projects Supported by BIRAC under SPARSH
S.No.Applicant NameProposal TitleCityState
1 CCAMP 1. Establishment of CCAMP BIRAC Sparsh Center for maternal & child health 2. Establishment of CCAMP BIRAC Sparsh Center for aging and health Bangalore KARNATAKA
3 Atal Incubation Centre - Centre For Cellular and Molecular Biology Establishment of BIRACs SPARSH Centre at Atal Incubation Centre - CCMB Hyderabad TELANGANA
4 IIMCalcutta Innovation Park Establish a SPARSH Centre @ IIM Calcutta Innovation Park to support young innovators who can identify the needs & gaps in Agritech and Food & Nutrition sectors and guide them developing innovative products / services towards solving the problems. Kolkata WEST BENGAL
5 IIITM-K Nurturing and Accelerating Social Innovation at Maker Village by leveraging Deep Technology with special focus on Combating Environmental Pollution Trivandrum KERALA
6 KIIT-TBI Bioincubator Establishment of SPARSH Center at KIIT Technology Business Incubator Bhubaneshwar ORISSA
7 Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer, IIT Delhi - BIRAC SPARSH Centre New Delhi DELHI
8 Villgro Innovations Foundation Establishment of BIRAC SPARSH Center at Villgro for Waste to Value and Combating environmental pollution Chennai TAMIL NADU
9 IIT Kanpur Establishment of SPARSH Center for social innovation and prototype development in the field of Maternal and Child Health and Waste to Value KANPUR UTTAR PRADESH
10 Yenepoya Foundation for Technology Incubation Establishment of SPARSH Center in a Hospital Centric Incubator Ecosystem Mangalore KARNATAKA
11 IKP Knowledge Park IKP SPARSH Centre for Nurturing Technological Innovations to Improve Maternal and Child Health across the Indian Population. Hyderabad TELANGANA
12 Healthcare Technology Innovation Center, IIT Madras The setting of a SPARSH center in Chennai, TamilNadu Chennai TAMIL NADU
13 PSG-STEP, Coimbatore Establishment of SPARSH Centre at PSG-STEP: BioNEST Bio Incubation Centre Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
14 Izene life sciences Pvt ltd Establishing proof of concept for recombinant Sinapultide- A peptide for the treatment of respiratory distress Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
15 Feplen Healthcare Research Pvt. Ltd Noninvasive electrical device for transcutaneous iron replenishment Bangalore KARNATAKA
16 EMBRYYO TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED A novel technique for monitoring of fetal growth through volume imaging of the fundus and estimating the gestational age, amniotic fluid index and intra-uterine growth abnormalities of the fetus Pune MAHARASHTRA
17 Shantani Proteome Analytics Private Limited Development of a point-of-care diagnostic tool for pre-eclampsia screening Pune MAHARASHTRA
18 MUGAGEN LABORATORIES PRIVATE LIMITED Implantable Scaffolds for Obstetric Fistula Guwahati ASSAM
19 CELLZYME BIOTECH Development of Iron Rich Rice Bran Protein Hydrolysate from the Byproduct of Rice Bran oil Industry METTUPALAYAM. COIMBATORE TAMIL NADU
20 Villgro Innovations Foundation Entrepreneur-in-residence program aimed at enabling first-time entrepreneurs convert their innovative ideas into successful social enterprises Chennai TAMIL NADU
21 KIIT-TBI Bioincubator Maternal and child health social immersion program Bhubaneshwar ORISSA
22 Translational Health Science and Technology Institute Social Innovation Immersion Programme (SIIP) by Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, Faridabad, India Faridabad HARYANA
23 Dr. Sai Siva Gorthi-Indian Institute of Science Microfluidics based On-chip Real-Time PCR Device for Neonatal and Maternal Screening Bangalore KARNATAKA
24 Gargi Dey Low-Cost Technology for probiotic products for the Women and Children of Lahaul and Spiti Solan HIMACHAL PRADESH
25 Science for Society Electricity Free Baby Incubator Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
26 Excellence in Biological Innovations and Technologies A point of Care (POC) device for detection of antibiotic sensitivity of uropathogens in human urine. Hyderbad ANDHRA PRADESH
27 Entrepreneurship development Center Pune MedTech Fellowships under the BIRAC - Social Innovation Immersion Program Pune MAHARASHTRA
28 Diagnorite Innovative Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Development of a Quick, Sensitive and Affordable Diagnostics of Neonatal Septicemia (NNS) in Any Indian Hospital Setup Pune MAHARASHTRA
29 SKL Medtech Pvt Ltd Billu Ban The said blanket is an innovation that is aimed at treating neonatal Jaundice in infants with Light therapy . This Device is easy , affordable and can be easily carried with the infants . Tiruppur TAMIL NADU
30 Periwinkle Technologies Pvt Ltd Registry and community system for Haemophiliac children Pune MAHARASHTRA
31 Coeo Labs Private Limited Saans:An effective way to maintain adequate lung pressure in preterm babies with respiratory syndrome while transferring them from primary healthcare settings to neonatal ICU in order to prevent lung collapse and subsequent mortality. Bangalore KARNATAKA
32 Virtis Bio Labs Affordable dignostic immunochromatographic kit for gram positive bacterial sepsis Salem TAMIL NADU
33 Neurosynaptic Communications Private Limited Verification, Clinical Validation and Certification of Affordable Wireless Diagnostic Technology for MCH and several health conditions in Rural areas Bangalore KARNATAKA
34 Kabir Jairaj Udeshi The Rhino Digester : A novel, robust, versatile, modular, compact and cost effective appliance for decentralized waste processing. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
35 String Bio Private Ltd Sustainable, novel and, decentralized waste management solution Bangalore KARNATAKA
36 Resource Recovery from Septage Goa GOA
37 Mr. Sankar Ganesh Palani Co-treatment of domestic septage and municipal solid waste landfill leachate using dry-thermophilic anaerobic digestion for the production of bioenergy and biofertilizer Hyderabad TELANGANA
38 Entrepreneurship Development Center Proposal for Sanitation Tech Fellowships of Venture Center Dr. Homi Bhabha Rd, Pashan, Pune MAHARASHTRA
39 Genrich Membranes Pvt. Ltd. Oxygen Enrichment unit for Medical applications using Hollow fiber Membrane Technology Pune MAHARASHTRA
40 Lattice Innovations Pvt Ltd Use of virtual reality VR goggles to aid in exercising vestibular disorders in elderly patients New Delhi DELHI
41 Yostra Labs Private Limited Sparsh - Affordable diagnostic device for screening Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Bangalore KARNATAKA
42 MOLQBITS SENSORS AND DATA PRIVATE LIMITED A unique Raman spectroscopy based diagnostic platform for early identification and effective management of bone disorders and diseases for ageing populations. Pune MAHARASHTRA
43 Lumisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd Affordable portable digital slit lamp BANGALORE KARNATAKA
44 Tarun Developing affordable “Intelligent Self Care” product for multimorbid patients providing personalized preventive care using predictive analytics from historical/real-time using IOT/ Mobile based app New delhi DELHI
45 CCAMP Social Innovation Immersion Programme Bangalore KARNATAKA
46 Entrepreneurship Development Center Pune Geriatrics Tech Fellowships of Venture Center Dr. Homi Bhabha Rd, Pashan, Pune MAHARASHTRA
47 Newndra Innovations Private Limited IndusKnee: A device for knee Support Jaipur RAJASTHAN
48 KIIT-TBI Bioincubator Social Innovation Program on Ageing and Health Bhubaneshwar ORISSA
49 Aprus bio medical innovations pvt ltd Development of Novel, Biodegradable Adult Incontinence Device Bangalore KARNATAKA
50 Monitra Healthcare Pvt Ltd Compliance of the Smart MCT platform with IEC safety & radio-frequency standards. Hyderabad TELANGANA
51 SCTIMST-TIMED TIMED FELLOWS for Innovation in Ageing and Health supported by BIRAC TRIVANDRUM KERALA
52 Df3d creations private limited Cloud based platform for creation of 3d printed Surgical Guides online. Bangalore KARNATAKA
54 Shapecrunch Technology Pvt Ltd Development and Testing of custom 3D printed foot orthosis using foot images from smartphone for various foot problems New Delhi DELHI
55 Arogya MedTech Private Limited CEREBROS:Low-cost,portable,multi-modal device for rapid screening & triaging of neurological emergency at point-of-care using cloud analytic among elderly followed by golden-hour retrieval and timely intervention by integrating with emergency system. KOLKATA WEST BENGAL
56 Dr. Kannan Iyyemperumal BioStic with Mobile Colony ID App Tool for Estimation & Diagnostics of Beneficial & Pathogenic Microorganisms in Soil Solaiseri, Rajapalayam via TAMIL NADU
57 Proximal Soilsens Technologies Private Limited An affordable soil monitoring system for precise irrigation Pune MAHARASHTRA
58 Dtronics Technology Private Limited Proof of Concept on Development of Field Portable Arsenic Testing Kit. Kolkata WEST BENGAL
59 BAREFEET ANALYTICS PRIVATE LIMITED Cost efficient and rapid residue testing for grape farmers Pune MAHARASHTRA
60 Arsh Biotech Pvt Limited Development and validation of an economic, rapid, on-site, sensitive, high throughput and convenient molecular diagnostic assay based on recombinase polymerase amplification for detection of key viruses affecting Cucurbits in India. Delhi DELHI
61 ONE Acre venture Pvt Ltd Nutri Plant Health Application for Farmers Bhubaneswar ORISSA
62 Anitha Peter Development of biosensor for the detection of papaya ringspot virus infecting Carica papaya Bangalore KARNATAKA
63 Rishi Shanker AGRO-Dx - A smartphone-operated multi-analyte platform for precision farming in India Lucknow UTTAR PRADESH
64 PHYCOLINC TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Live micro-algal product development for in-situ water body restoration AHMEDABAD GUJARAT
65 CFTRI, Mysore A process for detoxification and production of high value bio-based product for cosmetic and health care application from caffeine containing agricultural residues Mysore KARNATAKA
66 Sengathali biofiber private limited Novel process & Device to extract Banana sap and center core Dietary fiber Thoothukudi TAMIL NADU
67 REVY Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mass production of Anaerobic Granulated Sludge - An effective solution for organic waste / waste water conversion to recover Biogas and reusable water. Vadodara GUJARAT
68 TESLA INNOVATIONS PVT LTD Industrial & Domestic wastewater Treatment with advanced BIO-REACTORS integrated with Tubular Ultra Filtration Systems & Nanofiltration membranes. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
70 ICALTECH INNOVATIONS PVT LTD Diagnosing and Managing treatment Monitoring of COPD / Asthma diseases for Elderly BANGALORE KARNATAKA
71 Rmmedi Innovations Private Limited Development of Reusable and Portable Negative Pressure Wound therapy device. Kottayam KERALA
72 Pluss Advanced Technologies P. Ltd Low-cost, open care, non-electric infant warmer with high thermal backup for mitigating neonatal mortality and morbidity Gurugram HARYANA
73 Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) Development of an affordable video laryngoscope for emergency airway management in patients
74 KBCOLS SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED Microbial Pigments: A sustainable alternative to existing natural pigments Dombivli MAHARASHTRA
75 Unconventional fermentation of grain byproducts to produce natural mould inhibitors Bangalore Rural KARNATAKA
76 Filo Lifesciences Pvt Ltd Validation studies of Precision specific nutrition using NMPS colloidal mineral and PUFA for Poultry and Aqua Secunderabad TELANGANA
78 TRIEENHEALTH CARE PVT LTD Production and Testing of Ozonated oils for Treatment & Prevention of Diseases in Dairy Cows Bangalore KARNATAKA
79 Bhapra Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Development of novel, reusable insect pest protectant woven/ non woven and Knitted plastic HDPE /PP bags for food grain storage and transportation Hyderabad TELANGANA
80 SHC Shinebiotech Pvt. Ltd Development of highly sensitive & specific, rapid, point-of-care, low-resource-requiring and cost-effective diagnostic kit for bovine leukemia virus BLV infection in dairy cattle FARIDABAD HARYANA
81 ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT CENTER Social Innovation Tech Fellowships of Venture Center PUNE MAHARASHTRA
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