Biotech start up journey, especially for first time entrepreneurs, is full of hurdles, both technological as well as business related such as business plan and market entry strategies, navigating regulatory hurdles, connecting and pitching to VCs and networking with future stakeholders. There is a greater realisation within the biotech community regarding the importance of focused mentorship which can help accelerate nascent biotech start up. BIRAC is therefore envisaging designing and implementing an equity based fund for supporting entrepreneurs in the valley of death.

Biotechnology Innovation Fund - AcE(Accelerating Entrepreneurs) Fund is an equity "Fund of Fund" exclusively for Biotech Start-ups. AcE daughter funds are SEBI registered private funds to invest equity in start-ups for providing the risk capital to undertake innovation, research and product development

BIRAC is therefore envisaging designing and implementing an equity based fund for supporting entrepreneurs in the valley of death.

Impact of AcE Fund Scheme
No of AcE Partners: 13
No. of Companies Supported under AcE: 43
AcE Fund Corpus Size: 150 Cr
Mobilized Amount in Biotech Sector: 300 Cr
Overall Framework

The AcE Fund shall make a maximum capital commitment of up to Rs 30 crores or up to 30% of the total aggregate capital commitment amount(i.e. fund corpus) in each AcE daughter Fund

The assistance to a start-up will be up to INR 7 crores againest equity

The AcE daugher fund shall invest at least twice the amount contribute by BIRAC's AcE Fund into Biotech/Life Sciences sector start-ups

S.NoName of AcE Fund Partner
1Bharat Innovation Fund
2Gujarat Venture Finance Limited
3Stake Boat Capital
4Indian Angel Network
5Kitven Fund
6Endiya Fund Advisors Pvt. Ltd
7Somerset Healthcare Investment Advisors Private Limited
8Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund
9Nabvenutre Fund
10Ankur Capital
11Menterra Venture Advisors Private Limited
12IKP Investment Management Company Pvt. Ltd
13HealthQuad Advisors Pvt. Ltd

S.NoName of Startup
1Clensta International Private Limited
2Farmers Freshzone Private Limited
3Retailworx India Private Limited (Freshworld)
4Pandorum Technologies Private Limited
5Pregbuddy Technologies Private Limited
6E14 Technologies Private Limited (Strom Motors)
7Swadha Energies Pvt Ltd
8Monitra Healthcare Private Limited
9Chakr Innovation Private Limited
10Nocca Robotics
11Agatsa Software Pvt Ltd
12Mimyk Medical Solutions Pvt Ltd
13Bycyshare Technologies Pvt Ltd
14Kanpur Flowercycling Pvt Ltd.
15Ahummane BioSciences Pvt Ltd
16Minion Labs India Pvt Ltd
17Sirona Hygiene Private Limited
18Intellihealth Solutions Pvt Ltd
19Agrihawk Technologies Private Limited
20Pandorum Tech Pvt LTd
21String Bio Pvt Ltd
22Vipragen Biosciences Pvt Ltd
23JIVA Science Pvt Ltd
24Zumutor Biologics Private Limited
25VnF Ideas Private Limited
26All That Deeps Limited
27Lexir Resources Pvt Ltd
28Garbhagudi IVF Centre Private Limited
29Krimanshi Technologies Pvt. Ltd
30Freshokartz Agri Products Pvt. Ltd
31Medcords HealthcareSolutions Pvt. Ltd
32Swajal Water Pvt. Ltd
33Vituscare Medlife Pvt. Ltd.
34Synapsica Healthcare Pvt Ltd
35Eye stem Research Pvt Ltd
36Cellprop Private Limited
37Klonec Automation Systems Private Limited (“Krishitantra”)
38Satyukt Analytics Private Limited (“Satyukt”)
39Chifu Agritech Pvt. Ltd. (Vegrow)
40Infifresh Foods Pvt. Ltd
41Farmstock Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Krishify)
42Anantm Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Numen)
43Genworks Health Pvt. Ltd.