BIRAC has joined hands with CEFIPRA – the Indo-French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research in India to support high quality bilateral research, encourage and enable Indo-French collaboration between public, private research groups, industry, clinicians and end-users. Under this initiative, BIRAC has implemented two partnership programs with French continent, one with French Embassy (2014-2015) and another with Bpifrance financement (2015-2016). The first call in collaboration with French Embassy was announced during 2014 and two projects were selected for funding in the areas of molecular diagnostics for cardiovascular diseases.

The second call with French Embassy was launched in the areas of Molecular diagnostics for prediction of Alzheimer’s & other dementia, New assisting technologies for mobility of physically challenged (incl. prosthesis and robotics applications) and Biomaterials & cell engineering for health applications. One project was selected for funding.

Bpifrance financement is a public investment bank which finances businesses from the seed phase to transfer to stock exchange listing through loans, guarantees and equity and provides support to innovation projects. The call for proposals has been launched in the areas of digital health & individualized medicine and proposals are under evaluation.