BIRAC is committed towards stimulating, fostering and nurturing the entrepreneurial flair in the Indian biotech ecosystem for which young researchers, students, academic faculties and budding entrepreneurs are the focal points. The objective of the roadshows and IP workshops is to sensitize the target audiences about the BIRAC support for the entrepreneurs and the importance and relevance of intellectual property in the biotechnology regime. Moreover, these workshops also provide a platform for the aspiring entrepreneurs to gain knowledge about effective grant writing skills from the experts in the domain. The main aim is to motivate the students and researchers to take entrepreneurship as a career since BIRAC has the mechanism to support them and to make the young entrepreneurs aware of the power of intellectual property and ways to manage it.





BIRAC CDSA Workshops


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BIRAC - CDSA Regulatory Meet:Demystifying Indian Drug Regulations for New Product Approvals :  Delhi

BIRAC Workshop on Technology Transfer and Management by Dr. Ashley Stevens : 

Delhi | Bangalore

DBT and BIRAC Leadership Dialogue Series In partnership with Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on 18th July, 2019