BIRAC and CEFIPRA i.e. Indo French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 03.02.2014 to support Indian and French biotech start-ups and SMEs for promoting the innovation ecosystem in both the countries. The partnership aims to improve the competitiveness of both Indian and French biotech industries and academia by supporting challenge oriented high-quality bilateral innovative research projects towards new concepts and technological breakthroughs in human health.

  • With  French Embassy: First joint call was launched on 20th March 2014 with 2+2 model i.e. one academia and one industry from each country. The theme of the call was molecular diagnostics for prediction of cardiac diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia, cerebral palsy and generation of new assistive technologies for mobility of the physically challenged. In this call BIRAC had invested Rs. 80 lakhs in total for 2 years and French Embassy had invested €100,000. Two projects got awarded. BIRAC funds are channelized for Indian partners and French Embassy funds are to support French partners.
  • With Bpifrance:  Bpifrance financement is a public investment bank which finances businesses from the seed phase to transfer to stock exchange listing through loans, guarantees and equity. Bpifrance accompanies firms developing export activities and provides support to innovation projects. The second call for proposal was launched on 20th March 2015 with Bpifrance. The call supports 1+1 model in which Indian SME collaborates with the French SME in the thematic areas of new targets or biomarkers that lead to the development of sensitive, specific and affordable diagnostic tests, new therapeutic options in terms of therapeutic proteins or drugs and affordable process development for existing therapeutics. Funding support per funding body per project could range from Rs. 50 lakhs (equivalent to 67800 €) to Rs. 6 Cr (equivalent to 800 000 €) depending on the stage of project (Proof of Concept to pilot scale demonstration).  Maximum 3 to 5 projects will be selected each year under the program.  BIRAC will support the Indian partners and Bpifrance will support the French partners in the projects following the national funding rules of each agency. 

Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Bpifrance Financement (Public Investment Bank) and Indo French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA) jointly invite Joint Expression of Interest (JEOI) on Red biotechnology

Last Date for Submission (5th June, 2015)


2nd Call of BIRAC-CEFIPRA-Frech Embassy on Red Biotechnology


2nd Call of BIRAC-CEFIPRA-Bpifrance