Bio-Incubator Support Scheme (BISS)

(for Strengthening and Establishing new Bio-incubators)

In order to foster techno entrepreneurship in biotechnology, BIRAC has initiated a scheme for Strengthening and Up-gradation of the existing Bio-incubators and also to establish New World Class Bio-incubators in certain strategic locations. These Bio incubators will provide the incubation space and other required services to start-up companies for their initial growth.

Strengthening existing Bio-incubators

The Bio-incubators for SMEs and start-ups could be as a stand-alone facility or as a part of an existing University/ Institute or Science Park. The BIRAC Bio-incubator strengthening support is provided to those existing Incubators which have proven experience and competence to run successful incubators, have an existing network for mentoring and handholding of incubatees, and also can provide the enabling services to promote innovation research. There should be a well-structured governance model which allows for such activities to be conducted within the host institute, providing the required autonomy and flexibility for operation.

Establishing World Class Bioincubators

BIRAC is also setting up a limited number of new World Class,  State of Art, National Bio-incubators at strategic locations, especially in an around the DBT Bio-clusters. These would be closely located to existing Academic hubs and have a well-developed management model. It would provide the required infrastructure, incubation space, access to central equipment and pilot plant and enabling services. Most importantly the proximity to the Academic Centres of Excellence would provide access to the Translational Research strength and capacities. These BIRAC Bio-incubators would benefit from the close interaction with the Academic Institute in the cluster and on the other hand provide opportunities to the scientists / entrepreneurs who could create their own spin offs, or are incubated in close proximity to the Academic Centre of Excellence. The two way flow of knowledge between Academia and Start-up would be beneficial to both and provide a boost and help nurture innovative technologies for affordable product development.

One such World Class, State of Art, National BIRAC Bio-incubators has been funded in the Faridabad Bio-cluster. This Bio-incubator would be operational in the next two years to start with the incubation activities.

A BIRAC Bio-incubator would necessarily take on the following roles and functions.

  • Provide good incubator space to Start-ups and Entrepreneurs.

  • Provide access to a pool of special equipments in the Central Equipment Facility.

  • Connect and facilitate Industry -Academia Interaction for both smooth flow of knowledge from Academia to Industry and also for providing the required Technical Mentorship.

  • Provide enabling services and required mentorship for IP and Technology Management, Legal and Contract, resource mobilization and networking platform.

  • Governance models would be cooperative or autonomous.

  • Relevant Manpower  required to run the Bio-incubator

Twelve existing incubators across the country have been strengthened and approx. 70,000 Sq.ft of Bio-incubator space has been created to support start up.


BIRAC funded bioincubators:

  • M/s Entrepreneurship Development Center (trademark: Venture Center), NCL, Pune.

  • M/s IKP Knowledge Park, Hyderabad

  • M/s Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), Bangalore.

  • M/s Zonal Technology Management - Business Planning and Development Unit" - ZTM-BPD, IARI, New Delhi.

  • M/s Indian Institute of  Technology, Madras,

  • M/s Indian Institute of  Technology, Delhi

  • M/s Society for Biotechnology Incubation Centre, SBTIC, Genome Valley Hyderabad

  • M/s Kalinga Institute of Technology,  University-TBI Business Incubator, Bhubaneswer

  • M/s Foundation of Innovation and Technology Transfer, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

  • M/s B.V. Patel Pharmaceutical Education & Research Development (PERD) Centre, Ahmadabad Gujarat.

  • M/s Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, GSBTM, Baroda

  • M/s Science & Technology, Park, Pune.


Services offered under BISS funder Bio-incubators

The various services available under the operational Bioincubators:

1. M/s Entrepreneurship Development Center

   (trademark: Venture Center), NCL, Pune (

The BioIncubator at Venture Center aims to nucleate and nurture technology and knowledge-based enterprises leveraging knowledge in the areas of biotechnology (biopharma, agrobiotech, industrial biotech, clean technology), biomedical engineering/ devices/ diagnostics, biomass value addition/ renewable fuels/chemicals/materials, bioinformatics, bio/medical services and related disciplines.

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2. M/s IKP Knowledge Park, Hyderabad (

Under BISS, BIRAC has supported a high end equipment facility at Life Sciences Incubation IKP Knowledge Park, Hyderabad. Through this support the following high end equipments have been installed in the first phase of development of this project:

IKP Knowledge Park   will hold training sessions for prospective researchers/users on this high end equipment facility.

  1. Digital Confocal Microscope: The configuration of ImageXpress® Micro Widefield Imaging System with Digital Confocal Technology is as follows:

This system can be used for a wide range of assays with high content industrial scale screening.

  1. NMR:  Bruker Avance III 400MHz NMR spectrometer system includes a inverse broadband probe fitted with a Z-axis gradient and with automatic tuning and matching. The inner coil is optimized for 1H and the outer coil can be tuned from 31P to 97Mo (and others in between). So X-frequencies are ranging from 162 to 27 MHz. The whole system is controlled by Bruker’s Topspin software. Due to the presence of a gradient inverse probe 2D experiments like HSQC, HMQC, COSY and HMBC are easy to perform. Also 1H-experiments are easy due to the high sensitivity.

  2. LC-MS/MS: Developed for integrated UPLC®/MS/MS quantitative applications, the Waters ACQUITY® TQD features the highest levels of tandem quadrupole MS selectivity, robustness, speed, and accuracy. To maximize the analytical advantages of UltraPerformance LC®(UPLC), the ACQUITY TQD operates at the highest data acquisition rates. When integrated with the ACQUITY UPLC® System, the ACQUITY TQD gives class-leading analytical detection limits, resolution, and sample throughput for all of your quantitative applications: bioanalysis, ADME screening, food safety, environmental monitoring, clinical, forensic, and more.

3. M/s Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), Bangalore  (

The various services that are offered by C-CAMP under BISS BIRAC support are as follows:

A common equipment facility that is supplemented by C-CAMP’S own high end equipment facility. Incubation space for the Start-ups companies. In addition to that C-CAMP has collaborated with IIM Bangalore to provide business mentoring to start-ups companies.

In addition to this C-CAMP has Intellectual Property Management Office and Technology Transfer Office that provides researchers and scientists all over India to protect their IP and commercialize new technologies in collaborations with and through our legal, industrial and commercial partners.

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Activities provided by other BIRAC funded bioincubators would include:

  1. Incubation Space for the start-up companies

  2. Common equipment facilities

  3. Modular lab Infrastructure

  4. Fermentors for pilot level up-scaling

  5. Clean room facilities

  6. Agro-processing laboratory

  7. Microbial Fermentation Bio-fertilizer Units

  8. Enabling services and required mentorship for IP and Technology Management, Legal and Contract, resource mobilization and networking platform.

  9. Technical and business mentoring for start-ups.

  10. Training and workshops for start-ups and incubatees