To Assist Start-ups, Institutes, Universities, Entrepreneurs and Companies with patents, trademarks, licensing & commercialization

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are crucial for businesses as they drive innovation resulting in the delivery of better services and products for consumers. However, Intellectual Property is often a daunting subject for start-up companies. There are various forms of IPRs namely as Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Copyright, Trade secret etc. under which a start-up thinks about protecting their ideas/concept/product and technology. However, the lack of a clear understanding on how IP rights are obtained & enforced and technologies are commercialized are often confusing to the start-ups, which can leave their IP & Technology vulnerable. Hence, to make the start-ups, Institutes, Universities, Entrepreneurs and Companies aware on these aspects, BIRAC has initiated “IP & Technology Management Law Clinic Connect”.  

The “IP & Technology Management Law Clinic Connect” at BIRAC acts as a counsel to the Small Business, Startups, Institutes, Universities, Companies, and other entrepreneurs by providing advice on a broad range of IPRs (Patent, Trademark, Copyright) and Technology Transfer & Commercialization. The guidance will be provided on:

  • 1. Early-stage Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, commercialization and business advice:
    • What problem does the invention solve and what existing market or practice does it disrupt?
  • 2. Intellectual property advice:
    • Can the technology/innovation become an intellectual property asset of the venture?
    • Approvals and important considerations while using biological material or biological resources
  • 3. Intellectual Property Management strategy:
    • Should the technology/innovation be patented or kept as secret?  Is there brand value to leverage?
  • 4. Advise on International or Foreign Patent filing strategy
  • 5. Advise on Trademark and copyright registration as well as on value of having these Intellectual Property Assets
  • 6. Invention assignment arrangements and agreements
  • 7. Technology Transfer and Commercialization Strategy
    • Agreements drafting and review — Material Transfer Agreement, Technology transfer licenses, Non-disclosure agreements and collaborative research agreements:
    • Entity selection and formation: Whether to form LLC, Company, or “other”?
  • 8. Advice on equity allocation among founders, vesting, equity compensation and employment issues:
    • Who is on the team?  Whose contribution will count the most? What if a founder leaves?


The Clinic shall operate on every Second Friday of the Month through Virtually/at BIRAC Office from 4 pm to 6 pm. The Clinic shall involve experts from renowned IP Practicing Firms and Technology Transfer Firms.

If you would like to connect with the BIRAC “IP & Technology Management Law Clinic”, please follow the instructions below.

Step One
Please fill out online intake questionnaire

Online Intake Questionnaire

Step Two
Intake questionnaire will be reviewed for the eligibility and if found eligible, an intake appointment will be scheduled and link will be shared with the eligible Start-ups/innovators for IP & Legal Advice from the Clinic.

If you do not receive a follow-up email within three business days, please contact Dr. Vinita Jindal, Chief Manager-IP & Technology Management at


Limited slots will be available and will be given on first-cum-first serve basis.