Novel Cell Lines

A key factor in reducing the production costs of biopharmaceuticals is the development of cell lines that produce a high yield of product with the desired critical quality attributes. Selecting the right cell line early in the production process enables significant time and cost savings in later stages of development. The National Biopharma Mission supports development of such cell lines (E. coli based systems) and eukaryotic (CHO based systems) as a platform technology for Indian companies on negotiable licensing/ royalty terms.

Name of grantee

Salient Features of Cell Lines

Environmental and Health Risk Management Plan (EHRMP)

Oncosimis Pvt Ltd

Establishment of methods and processes for the production of Cardinal therapeutic mAb Pembrolizumab using the Oncosimis AcceTTTM technology. This technology uses a recombinant transactivator system and offers a rapid and high yield production of biosimilar molecules in a short time span.

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NCL, Pune

A genetically engineered CHO cell line is being generated, in which the N-glycosylation profiles, specifically galactosylation and fucosylation, of overexpressed recombinant proteins such as antibodies, can be predictably targeted as desired.

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