Program Implementation

Towards strengthening the ecosystem, the proposed strategy is thus to have a multipronged approach categorized into incremental and non-incremental approach to generate maximal impact in next 5 years. The Program’s goal is to support development of specific products by de-risking and accelerating product development. Together with experts from around the world the most promising candidates through the pipeline would be selected based on scientific merit/technical feasibility, degree to which the priority health needs, stage of development (earlier projects may carry more risk but also greater promise) and alignment with the target product profiles. Through this detailed and rigorous assessment, the probability of the product being brought closer to the market within the Program timelines would be substantial. This would not only aid in decrease of development timelines, but also impact the uptake time by the public health agencies.

Additionally, capabilities would be developed in parallel to provide support across all stages of product development. Providing access to infrastructure for product evaluation, characterization in preclinical and clinical stages; pilot scale manufacturing and building up a cell line bank would decrease development costs. Indian ecosystem does not have appropriate sites with a suitable infrastructure with access to well defined and characterized population for conducting clinical trials. The Program would enhance the institutional and organizational capacity needed to successfully conduct clinical trials and facilitate links for manufactures to test their products.

Programme Implementation